Friday, May 1, 2015

2015 Primary Monthly Posters - Part 2

For those of you that didn't faint dead away at my first post, here's just one more.

In addition to the last half of both my Names of Christ FHE and Sunday Outline, I finished up the year of Monthly Posters and thought I'd share them. 

I hope you like them as much as I do.

You can download them in either pdf format or as jpg's.  Whatever you prefer.

Or even both.  I know, crazy.

2015 Monthly Posters PDF - Part 2

2015 Monthly Posters JPG - Part 2

Have a lovely summer, mine officially starts in 3 more weeks.  YIPEE!!


2015 Primary - Names of Christ FHE & Sunday Outline - Part 2

Don't fall over. 

Yes, it's really me.

No, I didn't die.  Promise.

Life does take us in unexpected directions.  I thought I would feel a need to post more, but I haven't. 

I have still been hard at work both with school and primary.  I even have a present for you.  It's the last half of the Names of Christ FHE's and Sunday outline!! 

I got them done a few weeks ago and thought it was high time I got them posted.  I hope those of you that have been using them are enjoying them.  We have been in our primary and at my home. 

So, without further ado, here are the links:

Names of Christ FHE

Names of Christ Sunday Outline

I hope your year is going beautifully.  Remember to take the time to do the things that bring the most joy into your life.  Everyday.


Friday, January 2, 2015

2015 Primary - Names of Christ FHE & Sunday Outline - Part 1

Okay, I mentioned before that we're planning to focus on a different name of Christ each month.  I read through many of them (there are a TON) and our presidency chose the ones we felt both matched the Sharing Time Outline monthly themes and were names our primary could get a lot out of.

To help us talk about the name every single week, I made an outline that starts off each month with a short definition of the name and then has quotes, scriptures and questions for each week throughout the month.  This is meant to be short, during opening and keep the kids thinking about the name.  It would also provide a great place to have the children report how they've been living what we've learned from that month's name.

If you'd like to check out the rest, you can download the outline from my google drive.  Like the posters, I have January through June done so far.  I'll be working on the rest of the year over the next few months and post them with I'm finished.

To help the children really live the name, we're also sending home a short FHE the first Sunday of each month.  This way we get to involve the whole family as we study more about Jesus and try to walk as He walked.  I love the conference talk that said something like, while we can't all walk WHERE Jesus walked, we can all walk HOW He walks.  We can and this year we're trying a little harder.

We'll copy enough for one per family and hand them out to either the oldest children or the parents (if there aren't any siblings old enough).  I'm thinking I'll type up the family names on return address size labels and print those each month.

I'm pretty excited about these, you can look over the January as an example, each month follows the same format.

You can download these FHE's from my google drive also

We're planning to put a picture of Christ on our bulletin board and add one of His names around Him each month.  Something like this.

Happy New Year!

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