Thursday, April 10, 2014

Primary Activity - Missionary Training Center - Gathering Activity

For our gathering activity (you know, what you do while you're waiting for everyone to show up) we gave the kids their very own missionary badges and had them write letters to the missionaries out from our ward.  We did this station for about fifteen minutes.

The badges were very simple.  I found a template on Sugardoodle dot net that I adapted a little bit because they weren't exactly the right size.  I made them to fit Avery Pin Style Top Loading Name Badges because they are so darn inexpensive.  I was able to purchase 100 from amazon for only $13.99 (yipee!).  All I had to do was use the right avery template on Microsoft Word, copy and paste the black badges I'd altered and enter in our primary kids names.

For the letters (and for pictures during the activity) we put up a world map on a rolling chalk board with the location of each of our ward missionaries marked with small post its.  Above the map (still on the board), we listed all our missionaries names so the kids could look at it and pick who they wanted to write to.  Next to our rolling board we set up some rectangular tables with blank paper, colored crayons and pencils.  The kids chose who to write to and whether they wanted to draw or write on the blank paper.

We also used the map for pictures throughout the activity.  We had the kids stand by it and point to where they'd been "called" on their mission.

At the end of the 15 minutes, we had our opening prayer and divided all the kids into their different "districts" with their "district leader" ready to lead them throughout the activity.

If you click the links below either set of missionary badges, you can download them in Microsoft Word.  Copy that first page and then paste it as many times as you need for the size of your primary.  When you paste, it may be a little off center, you'll just need to move them around a little bit while everything is still highlighted (it's highlighted when you first paste before you click anywhere else).

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Next, I'll be posting about the four different stations we used, plus our short mission conference that tied everything together so wonderfully.


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