Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Physical Education at Home

For the first two years I homeschooled my kids, we didn't do much in the way of physical activity and nothing directed. 

My kids are all pretty active and involved in sports, so I used that as my excuse to not do anything else.  Not that it's not a great excuse or even a great reason, I just always had a desire to do something more, only I didn't know how.

Then I came across Family Time Fitness and thought I'd give it a try.  They have options for homeschool, co-ops, schools, families and even for individual sports.  I went with Fitness 4 Homeschool, Core 1 and my kids LOVE it (I got the pdf version and use it on our tablet).

These are the basic activities you might have done while in public school (if you went) or that your kids were doing before they came home (if they ever went to public school).  You practice simple things like jumping on one foot, skipping (which is pretty darn hard to learn...who knew?), shuffling and doing these things while tossing a ball, using a hoola hoop and TONS more activities. 

Yes, they are simple things you could do on your own, but I didn't and wouldn't.  Plus, they're already all arranged for me into daily lesson plans (that I only do twice a week) so I don't have to spend any time planning, which I love.

Another bonus that I hadn't thought about before, it's helping my kids develop better gross motor skills.  I have one son who struggles with, well, just walking without tripping over his own feet sometimes and many of these activities work on balance which is fantastic for him.

So, if you didn't already get that drift, I'd highly recommend it.  We love Family Time Fitness and have lots of fun doing it!

What do you guys do for P.E.?


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