Thursday, October 24, 2013

Goodbye Garden

The garden season is over, for me at least.  All that's left are pumpkins and potatoes.

I really should have dug up the potatoes already.  I got so many this year I'm feeling a little intimidated.  And excited.  It's strange how I can have so many different feelings at the very same time.  Who knew you could have feelings about vegetables?

We'll be taking out the pumpkins tomorrow, it's time to carve 'em up!  My kids are pretty excited.

As soon as I get the pumpkins and potatoes out of there, I'm going to cover what's left in leaves.  Lots of leaves.  The leaf mulch will keep the weeds from growing and it adds a little back to the garden, too. 

How do you put your garden to bed?  I'm still learning and would love some tips!


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