Tuesday, January 28, 2014

February Sharing Time - Heavenly Father Has a Plan for His Children

What an amazing gift the gospel is!!

Sorry for being so repetitive, I feel like I say it every week, but every time I sit down to write about Sharing Time, I feel it all over again.

Speaking about Heavenly Father's plan, Elder Russell M. Nelson said, "It is also called the plan of happiness, the plan of salvation, the plan of redemption, the plan of restoration, the plan of  mercy, the plan of deliverance, and the everlasting gospel."

When I read through the list, my first thoughts centered around the plan of happiness and how wonderful that title is.  I love happiness and it's how I feel about the gospel.  Best name ever.

And then I started to think about the other names and I realized they're all amazing.  Deliverance, everlasting, and mercy?!  Wow.

This week we're covering some basics from the plan of salvation.  We'll be reading through a few sets of scriptures and sticking them in one of three categories:

As you read through the scriptures (either in a group or together as a primary), make sure to take time to talk about them.  Making sure the kids know what the words mean and understand what each scripture is talking about.  After discussing them, choose where it fits within the plan of happiness.

Because Junior Primary isn't quite as good at reading as Senior (and because just about everyone likes pictures), I found pictures to go along with each scripture.  If you'd like to use them, you could either write the scripture on the board under the category or put up the pictures or both.

I also made a handout, for either during primary or to send home, where the kids can write or draw a picture of something they learned about each area of the plan of mercy.

If you want to use any of my free printables, click over to my google drive to download them!

In that same talk by Elder Nelson he said, "Our thoughts and deeds while here will surely be more purposeful if we understand God's plan and are thankful for and obedient to His commandments."

I'm all about doing things with a purpose, living with a purpose.  I love the idea that the more we learn about the gospel, the more purposeful we can be about living it.  The better and more consistently we can walk Heavenly Father's path in the plan of deliverance.

Have a wonderful sharing time!


  1. Just want to say how grateful I am that you share your great ideas and wonderful printables. I feel like I have a lot going on in my life right now (I suppose everyone always does) so thank you for making it a little easier.

  2. Thanks from me too! Your printables are a LIVESAVER. You're so creative :)

  3. I always do my reserch for sharing time ideas and printables, and I alwasy make it back to your site. Thank you for sharing. I feel like I know you after reading through you lesson plans. You are great, Thank you

  4. Thank you so much for the great ideas and links to printables. I work full time and this saves me soooo much time. I really appreciate you posting your great ideas on your blog!!


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