Monday, May 20, 2013

Sharing Time - May Week 4 - Word of Wisdom

If you gave the kids a challenge to pray about or practice the law of Tithing last week (or any other challenge), don't forget to check with them to see how they're doing!

This week we're talking about the Word of Wisdom.  There are so many different ways to talk about this topic and I've found so many games and object lessons my head is sort of spinning.  I want to share many of the fun ideas (even ones I'm not going to use) so instead of one distinct outline, I'm going to list ALL my favorites for you this week.

Intro Object Lesson

I found a fun idea on A Year of FHE for a shocking object lesson. 

First, print out a pretty picture.  I've been thinking what would be good here; a picture of a temple, a nice picture of my family, or maybe a beautiful landscape picture. 

Second, wrap the picture so that a primary child can unwrap it as you start your lesson.

Third, exclaim about how nice the picture is, and doesn't everyone just love it?  Then proceed to rip, tear and smash it to pieces. 

Hopefully someone will protest or ask you what you're doing and you can ask them why it's wrong to destroy something you've been given.  Then, relate this to our bodies and how they are one of God's greatest gifts to us. Read 1 Cor 3:16-17 and ask if we've been given any commandments that teach us how to protect our bodies.

I absolutely love America Janes's idea.  It's adorable and would be seriously funny.  Make two sets of cupcakes, one normal and in the others, hide a tablespoon or so of dirt in the middle of the batter before baking.  Leave the normal cupcakes plain, but frost and sprinkle the dirt cupcakes to make them more appealing.

Tell the kids that you'd advise against the dirt cupcakes (not telling them why), but they can choose for themselves. 

Now, this one isn't really practical for primary, but you could make it work by just taking a poll and asking which one the kids would choose.  You could either break a few open to show them what their choice would have meant or choose a guinea pig to come up and taste from the cupcake chosen by the majority.  Compare this to how sometimes Satan makes things that are bad for our bodies look appealing, but through the teachings of our prophets, we can know how to keep ourselves healthy. 


Read through Doctrine and Covenants 89 to find all the Promises and Commandments it lists.  To keep their attention from wandering while you make your way through, you can have the kids come up and write them on the board for you and take turns reading.  Even with that, I would probably only attempt this for Senior Primary.  I love this idea because it's simple and it get's you into the scriptures, which is always a good thing.

I found several really great ideas on this Sharing Time on lds dot org.  My favorite ideas are found in the other ideas section closer to the bottom (there are several).  My favorites are under number one. 

For senior primary, have them do a scavenger hunt using the topical index for words like corn, bread, wheat...(there are lots more suggestions on the website).  I love that it gets them in the scriptures AND that they get to learn how to use the index.  Make a list of your chosen scavenger hunt words and after they find them, have leaders close by to sign off that word/scripture so they can move on to the next one.  Only do this for a pre-designated amount of time so you can talk about what they've learned and have time to wrap up.

With Junior Primary, print out some bodies that you can cut into different parts.  I really like the Melonheadz Armor of God boy and girl, but I've got some other armor of god people linked on this post (or you could use something else you already have).  The kids get to  put together the bodies as they draw pictures out of a bag/bowl/basket/whatever you have lying around your house.  The "good" pictures add a piece and the "bad" pictures take away a piece.

I want to add a short caution here, I would encourage you to not stick cookies in the same "bad" or "evil" category as alcohol and cigarettes.  If you would like to talk about them, a third category titled Moderation, might work better.  Generally, all food can be good for you (our bodies do need some fat), we just need to make sure we eat a variety in moderation.  Thank you, I'm getting off my soap box now, promise.

You can put together your own pictures, or if you're goal is to be as lazy, I mean, to make things as easy as possible, I've found some cute pictures on Parenting in the Latter-days and Primary In Zion that you can download, print and cut up.  Easy, peasy.

A third idea I like I found in a few different places with some slight variations.   This idea focuses a little more on what we see and hear than what we ingest.  Many of us don't think about how amazing our brains are, how quickly we can learn something, and how very fast images and music can be imprinted in our minds.

To show the kids how well we remember things we see for only a few moments, show them a picture and then take it away and ask them questions about it.  You can find a random picture in the Parenting in the Latter-days packet or find and print your own. 

I am much better at remembering music.  When I hear certain songs I immediately recall movies, friends,  and experiences I've had.  You can do a couple things to illustrate this.  Hum a few bars to see how fast your kids recognize different songs.  Then, have your pianist play different kinds of songs pausing to ask how each song makes everyone feel.  Music has such an impact on our moods, I find it astounding.   
If nothing you've read so far floats your boat, how about a good old game of Tic Tac Toe?  Sugardoodle calls it Primary Squares and it's really very simple.  Your board will consist of nine kids (or leaders) sitting in three small chairs, three regular chairs with your last three standing in the back.  The contestants are asked questions, but they don't give the answers, they pick which "board piece" they want to answer for them.  Now, the "board piece" can answer any way they like (correct or incorrect), which leaves the contestant to decide if they're right or not.  If the contestant guesses correctly, they get that square.  Sugardoodle even has thirty-three questions waiting for you, which means even less work!!

Testimony Challenge
This has been a really great month.  The opportunity to study more about our modern day prophets and the great blessings that come from following them has been very fulfilling.  If you have any specific stories from your own lives detailing blessings received from obeying the word of wisdom, now would be the perfect time to share them.  Even if you haven't, bearing your testimony of the protection (think Armor of God) given by obeying our prophets counsel will touch the hearts of your primary. 

I really like the challenge on Sugardoodle asking the kids to watch or listen to nine separate General Conference talks.  Even if the kids are too young to really understand, if they are listening, their families are also and it will be a wonderful blessing for all of them!

I hope your Sharing Time goes wonderfully!!


  1. Wow, you put so much work into posting this. Thank you so much for all the effort you put into it. You have given us countless possibilities to make our sharing time great!
    Thanks again!!!

  2. Thank you for sharing your ideas (and all the links!). You are typically my go-to for sharing time. I like that you have activities that really teach the principles and doctrine as well as involve the scriptures and testifying. I was school teacher and I can tell you have all of the right instincts on how to adjust lessons for different age groups.

    I also appreciate your note on this particular lesson about not putting something like cookies into a "bad" category. Again, it shows that you have great instincts.

  3. Thanks for your blog - have gotten some great ideas from it!

    Just wanted to mention re: #1 above - wowsers - NEVER deface or destroy a picture or any image of the Savior! This is clearly spelled out in the Handbook, and just in general, is not appropriate.

    Thanks again for your ideas and suggestions!

  4. Heather - you are right, I thought I'd changed that, I actually used a picture of a temple because it went along really well with talking about how our bodies are temples.


  5. Also, be very careful about giving the idea that if we disobey the word of wisdom that we are yucky, useless, bad, or unworthy, because even if we repent these object lessons tend to stay with us and it’s hard to forgive ourselves and feel good, useful and worthy again. I know that for a good friend of mine, she actually had an object lesson quite similar but it was for chastity. After she went through the repentance process she still felt dirty, unworthy and unwanted because “why would anyone want someone who wasn’t clean?” I think the best approach is to teach kids that we obey for good health, and when we are healthy our spirits thrive. :)


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