Monday, March 10, 2014

March Sharing Time - Jesus Christ was Resurrected, and I Will Be Too

Elder Russell M. Nelson testified, "Gratefully and positively, I affirm that there is life after life, first in the spirit world and then in the Resurrection, for each and every one of us, I know that God lives and that Jesus the Christ is his Son.  He is "the resurrection, and the life" (1 John 11:25). He lives.  He is my master."

We know...or at least, through personal revelation we CAN each know that Jesus is our personal Savior.  He died for every single person who has ever been or will ever be on the earth.  He also lived again for each of us.

Because He was resurrected, we each can be.  No matter what choices we make in life.  How amazing!

This week is all about "gathering" evidence of Jesus literal resurrection. 

In the same talk, Elder Nelson also said, "Testimonies of thousands, from ancient and modern times, attest to the truth that the resurrected Jesus is the Savior of mankind."

After listing 19 separate examples of witnesses to Jesus resurrection, he stated that "...the resurrection of Jesus Christ is one of the most carefully documented events in history."

I'm sort of an over-prepare-er.  Even as I strive for simplicity, I don't want to upset the balance so much that I end up completely stressed out.  So, in honor of seeking that balance, and to make sure no one is left standing with not enough lesson, I think the Sharing Time Outline witnesses needs to be beefed up a little bit. 

You can choose how many witnesses you'd like to use, and the method of presentation, just remember that the goal isn't to "get through it all."  The goal is to share your excitement with and love for the gospel with the children we're blessed to teach.  I like to have a little more prepared than I think I'll need just in case things go faster, it helps me to feel more in control and relaxed (as relaxed as I get anyway). 

While you could certainly use Elder Nelson's list of witnesses (from his talk, linked to above) to pick and choose, I also found a list on lds dot org.  Scroll down through the main lesson to Sharing Time Ideas #1. 

It lists items linked to specific witnesses used as "clues" that you hide around the primary room.  If you have many of the items laying around your house just waiting to be quickly gathered together, I'd say go for it (or if you're an over-the-topper who loves to spend lots of time putting lessons together), otherwise, you can use my printables instead. 

I used most of the witnesses listed in the idea from lds dot org, each one is quarter page size and looks like this:

I named each witness, wrote a sentence of how they might have borne their witness for the children to read, and listed the related scripture reference.  I've got them in both Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF.

Hide each name or item around the room.  Have the kids take turns searching for "witness evidence."  As they find them, you can either read the witness statement or also use the reference (have the kids look it up and read through the scripture to verify the story).  It might be fun to match each name and scripture to a specific picture that you put up on a board around a picture of the Savior (sort of like the picture at the top of my post).  You can either find matching pictures in the library (I'm sure they've got ones that would work great, I just don't have numbers for you) or you can use these ones I found on lds dot org.

Try and get the kids to pretend they were the witness you're talking about.  Ask them what they would have done or how they would have acted in that situation.  How would it have made them feel?

I love the song "Did Jesus Really Live Again?" and think it makes a perfect end to the lesson.  It's also a great testimony (or jumping off point for yours) of Jesus resurrection.

Did Jesus really live again?
Yes, when the third day came,
He wakened and he left the tomb.
He called Mary's name.

Did Jesus come to those he loved?
Yes, people touched his feet,
And of the fish and honeycomb
He did truly eat.

And there were nail-prints in his hands
And a spur wound in his side.
Did Jesus really live again
After he had died?  Oh yes!  And so shall I!



  1. Leah, I Love your blog. You are amazing and definitely inspire me. Thank you for sharing all the wonderful ideas.

  2. I wanted to leave a comment saying I use your sharing time idea most of the time when it's my week. I know it takes time to do this I'm so grateful and appreciate it. You have great simple ideas.

  3. I always research my sharing time lesson as best I can and I always end up here at your site. You gave great simple lessons that are based of principals. Thank you for you hard work and sharing it free with us.

  4. I also wanted to add, that it is close to Easter so I am going to hide the paper in easer eggs around the room, I think they will have fun.

  5. This is so great! It is a few years later, but I appreciate the work you did! Love the pdfs, will be so helpful for sharing time this Sunday


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