Friday, June 14, 2013

Father's Day

I found a fun (and slightly educational) idea on Pinterest for Father's Day this year. 

Well, I actually found two, but one's not at all educational. 

Not that that really matters.

I'm starting to ramble. 

The point is that I found a fun, easy and cute idea.  My favorite ideas usually involve photos taken of my kids, but I decided to go even easier this year and used another of my favorites, my kids writing.

Their original writing is always my favorite thing to save throughout the school year because it shows who they are and how much they've grown.  For Father's Day they've each made an acrostic poem.

I had them each pick different words for the base word so that their subsequent words would have a better chance of being different.  Does that make any sense at all?

Okay, I'll explain a little more.

Ben picked the word FATHER as his base word, while James picked DADDY and Josh picked STEVE.  Next, we sat around and brainstormed different words that made us think of their dad.  I made a point not to make sure the words were associated with any of their base words because they were getting bogged down with the attempt to match everything up.

Some of our brainstormed words included: love, strong, super hug, happy, easy going, bike riding, assassins creed III, and fixer.

After brainstorming, the boys matched their base words with the brainstormed list. 

I think they turned out pretty good (even though assassins creed III makes me roll my eyes...and wince slightly).

To fill in the extra room on their sheet of construction paper, the boys drew pictures depicting each of the words (well, the two older ones did, Josh drew some dinosaurs because he "draws the best dinosaurs ever") and wrote a little note at the bottom.

We're also going to give Steve a package of Reese's Pieces with a very cute printable that says, "Daddy, we love you to pieces!" 

They happen to be one of Steve's favorite snacks, the printable is fun and it was already done for me.  If you've got a Reese's fan in your home to, you can save your own copy here, easy peasy!

Hope you have a wonderful Father's Day this Sunday!!

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