Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Homeschool Year End Review

Yesterday I started reading a book called The Year of Learning Dangerously: Adventures in Homeschooling and have been laughing quite a bit.  Quinn has a moment in her first couple of day of homeschooling where she's trying to stop herself from hyperventilating after purposefully locking herself in her laundry room for some quiet time.  Thankfully, I haven't had any moments like that...yet.

Reading through some of her quirky stories has made me stop and think about my year.  This year marked a pretty big change for me, I went from homeschooling one child to three.  And one of those three is my oldest who spent her first 6 years in public school.

Makenna had a pretty rough time at first.  Actually, that's an understatement.  She cried, a lot, and I don't mean quiet tears, I'm talking about total melt downs.  It got so bad that I resorted to bribery, I told her if she could make it a week without a single melt down, I'd take her out for ice cream.  It took her a few months to manage to make it for an entire week straight. 

But even through the melt downs, there were things she liked about staying home.  She loved that she didn't have to wait for anyone else, she got to pick what to study more in depth, she didn't have any homework, and she got to hang out with me (okay, that last one might not have always been a bonus). 

Halfway through the year, the melt downs were pretty infrequent and long before the end of school, she stopped having them altogether.  She's even chosen to stay home again next year (I have to admit I was pretty panic-ey at first, middle school is a little more intimidating, but after having picked out curriculum, we're both really excited!). 

Both Ben and James were easy, even without comparing them to Makenna.  Ben is so easy going I'm pretty sure he'd go along with anything I asked him to do (as long as it doesn't involve too much handwriting).  He loves being home and hasn't ever asked about going back to public school.

This was James first year also, but as he had nothing to compare the experience to (he just finished Kindergarten), he adapted quite well to lessons and learned so much this year!  He did ask, about half way through the year, if he could go to public school next year just to try it out.  After I explained that he'd leave on the bus at about 7:50 in the morning, not get back until 3:45 and then still have reading to do, he changed his mind.  Okay, I admit, I was sort of trying to make it sound unappealing (although everything I told him is true).

My favorite part is getting to spend time with them.  I've found that my love for them has grown so much over the year.  I'm not usually a very physically affectionate person (I have my bubble and really don't like it disturbed), but I find myself wanting to grab them and squeeze them and kiss their cheeks until they groan and/or giggle at me. 

This is not where I ever pictured myself.  This is, actually, never where I wanted to be, but I am so glad that my life took this unexpected turn and even through all the hard bits and pieces I love it.  I'm not sure how long we'll homeschool, every year we talk and pray about it, but I know this is where I am supposed to be for now. 

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