Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Ever Evolving Chore Charts Change Again

I've been wanting and then needing to change our Summer Chore Charts into School Year Chore Charts since right about when school started.

That was only a little more than 5 weeks ago.

Yep, I don't ever procrastinate.  Nope.

The boys' charts didn't need much change.  I deleted a bunch of columns and then decided I actually wanted to keep some of them and so I added them back in (in addition to procrastination, I sometimes have issues with decision making).

I took them out because they already work on them during school, but I added them back because I want them to do them on Saturday too.  To make it work, I put a big X on those few chores for Monday through Friday (although my kids might complain I've already marked them off, they like checking things off as much as I do), leaving only Saturday open to be marked off.

Makenna's needed much more work.  Mostly because her old chore chart wasn't working.  At all.

School takes her so long that she doesn't always get to chores during the day (well, she does the after dinner kitchen chores, but that's about it).  Before you think I'm a super mean, over demanding mom slash teacher, let me assure you she "could" finish her school work earlier, she just messes around every once in a while.  A lot.

Luckily, most of her chores can be done once a week (and more luckily, I stopped grounding my boys and issue extra chores when they get into trouble, it's sort of wonderful...they might occasionally get assigned a few of Makenna's chores...hehe).

So that's how I changed her chart.  I deleted the days of the week from the top row and put the category (area of the house, usually) of the chore along the left hand column.  The rest of the cells contain all the chores she needs to complete by the end of the week. 

If she wants to wait until Saturday and do all her chores at once, I'm going to do my best to let that be her prerogative (although, it'll be mine to choose a negative consequence or two if she complains about her procrastination....even if she does come by it honestly).

We'll see how they go, but as the title says (a couple times) our chore charts have a pretty short life cycle until I'm ready to try something new.

How do you keep track of your kids chores?

Happy Cleaning,

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  1. I'm impressed with your organization! We have the kids each help with the dishes for one meal everyday, and make their own beds and pick up their rooms every day. Other than that, though, we do all the big chores together on Saturday and we just work at it together until we're finished!

    I love your blog (I found it through sugardoodle) and have really appreciated your sharing time ideas! I'm particularly excited about your fun General Conference ideas. Thanks so much for all you share!


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