Thursday, May 29, 2014

June Sharing Time - Priesthood Ordinances Bless and Strengthen My Family

Elder Craig C. Cardon, of the Seventy, said,

"The priesthood also has the power to change our very natures."

How awesome is that? 

I've often thought about how the gospel has changed me.  I can't tell a difference from day to day, but when I look back over several months, I am amazed.

I like to compare myself to a large stone and the gospel (and the ordinances within it) to a slow, yet consistent, stream of water.  Maybe even the word stream is too big, perhaps drip would be better.  As I participate in the teachings of the gospel, try to make them a daily party of my life, those drips change me just as the water will eventually carve into the stone. 

Elder Cardon closed his talk by saying,

"So it is that the priesthood, through the workings of the Spirit, moves individuals closer to God through ordination, ordinances, and refinement of individual natures, thus affording God's children the opportunity to become like Him and live eternally in His presence - a work more glorious than moving mountains."

Becoming more like God is a "work more glorious that moving mountains"!  I love it!

Start off your Sharing Time by either reading or singing (for those of you with more vocal talent than me) the lyrics to the second verse of "Love Is Spoken Here."  Before you read, tell the kids that when they hear something that blesses their family to stand up (or raise their hand, touch their nose or anything else you can think of).

Mine is a home where ev'ry hour is blessed by the strength of priesthood pow'r,
With father and mother leading the way,
Teaching me how to trust and obey;
And the things they teach are crystal clear,
For love is spoken here.
After your done reading through the verse, have one child tell you what it teaches about how our families can be blessed.  Then, ask for examples.  Have the children share with you ways their life has been blessed by the priesthood. 
This makes me think of a family in our ward that started visiting temples throughout Utah every month in January (yes, I know we Utahns are unbelievably blessed when it comes to the lack of distance between our homes and multiple temples).  As a youth we went on temple trips a few times a year, but I never thought about doing them with my parents, as a family.  If you have a family that makes time to go to the temple together, you could either talk about them or have them come in for a few minutes to tell you how it has blessed their lives.  I think this would be an awesome addition to the conversation and add an angle the children may not have thought about before.
Now you can move on to quiz time. 
While you could follow the Sharing Time Outline a little more exactly in senior primary, having the younger kids (mostly the youngest two classes) think up clues would really be having their teachers come up with clues.
So, this is my alternative, find pictures for as many priesthood ordinances as you'd like.  You can either go to lds dot org and print them at home, or get to church a little early and have your lovely librarians find some for you. 
Copy and paste the clues below to be used in a variety of ways.  You could cut them apart, put them in a basket for the kids to draw out and guess; hide them around the room or under chairs; or you could read them, having the kids do something when they know the answer (like standing up).
This is done every sacrament meeting.
While this is happening a group of men stand in a circle and hold you in their hands.
When you find them person you want to spend forever with, you go to a special place to do this.
If you aren't feeling very well, your dad or other worthy priesthood holder can give you this.
This ordinance can only be done after you are 8 years old.
This only happens after you are dunked under water, but usually either right after or the next Sunday.
Feel free to add other ordinances if you think of them!
As one is guessed, stop for a minute and talk about how exactly it can bless not just your life, but the lives of your family.  Encourage the children (and teachers) to share personal stories.
Send the children home with their very own copy of the matching game from this months "Friend."  I know that many children get the magazine delivered to their homes, but not many will have their very own copy.  These ones they can color, cut out and play with their families. 
Not too long ago, Sister Carole M. Stephens of the General Relief Society gave a talk with a great title, "Do We Know What We Have?"  For those of us that have easy access to the blessings of the priesthood, it can be easy to forget what wonderful blessings they truly are.
"These priesthood ordinances and covenants provide access to the fullness of the blessings promised us by God, which are made possible by the Savior's Atonement.  They arm sons and daughters of God with power, God's power, and provide us with the opportunity to receive eternal life - to return to God's presence and live with Him in His eternal family."
Let's not forget how blessed we are.  Let's not forget where that power comes from and to whom we should express our thanks.  Often.


  1. I sure appreciate your wonderful sharing time helps. I also love the extra help you put into giving us references on the subject so we can gain a testimony (or refresh) for ourselves before we teach the children. THANK YOU for your time and sharing your talent.

  2. I really appreciate this! When I was reading through I loved the insights you shared to help us prepare to be personally ready to give the sharing time!


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