Friday, May 16, 2014

May Sharing Time - The Prophet Speaks to Us During General Conference

Last week I wrote about a modified memory game I'd made up using both quotes from the latest General Conference and the pictures of our modern day prophets and apostles. 

If you haven't used the game yet, I think it fits pretty darn perfectly this week. 

This is what one half of the matching looks like, the other half is a picture of an apostle on one side and the matching quote picture on the other (the quote pictures help the kids...and match the quotes more easily to the correct apostle's picture).

If you'd like to use the matching game, click back to my previous weeks post for more detailed instructions and the link for the download.  This game would also work awesomely for a Family Home Evening (or two).  My kids loved playing it last time I made it and I'm looking forward to getting it all printed out so we can do this one.

If you've already used the game, or would prefer not to, I do have another idea for this week.

I was perusing through some family home evening ideas on King Benjamin when I came across one on A Year of FHE.  I've probably mentioned this blog before, but just in case you haven't ever checked it out, I would highly recommend it.  Her lessons are simple, easy and pretty great.

The lesson I found used a black and white King Benjamin and tower.  Each step of his tower detailed a different teaching from his speech.  As I looked at the tower, an idea started to percolate.

I could made a "tower" for President Monson and then add his teaching from our most recent General Conference.

After going through a few different incarnations, I finally found a format I really liked (which I'll show you in just a minute).

I would start the lesson by asking the children to tell me what they know about King Benjamin.  Go until someone talks about his speech from the tower. 

Then, ask if there is anything like that today, do we gather together to hear our prophets speak?
We are so blessed to hear from them at General Conference two times every year!!

Then say something like this...

Hearing is important, we have to hear and learn about messages from our Heavenly Father before we can do them.   Today, we're going to talk about what King Benjamin taught us in the Book of Mormon and what President Monson taught us just last conference. 

As we're learning, be thinking about how we can make changes in our lives to put the teachings to work.

I made the King Benjamin tower a little bigger and then made a podium/tower for President Monson. 

Take the towers and cut them apart so each rung on the ladder is one piece.

Put the tower and podium up on the board and have each ladder piece in a cup/basket/bag for the children to draw out.  As they draw a rung, have them decide which prophet the teaching belongs to AND talk about how we can use that teaching in our lives every single day.

The download also has a King Benjamin and President Monson you can put at the top of the tower or behind the podium.

I love how so many of the General Conference speakers express their love for President Monson and a personal witness of his call as a prophet.  This would be a perfect way to end sharing time. 



  1. How can I get the towers to print? I am not very good with the computer

    1. If you click on the link on the words, "The download also has a King Benjamin and President Monson" it will take you to google docs where you can download the towers.

  2. You are awesome!

  3. You SAVED me tonight! I love this! Thank you!

  4. Your sharing times are the best!!!! I come to your blog every time its my turn for sharing time. With the tower this week I taped them on my sons blocks- so they can build a tower!


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