Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2015 Primary Spotlight Board

I found the perfect spotlight idea on Sugardoodle several months back. 

Perfect except I'm not really scrapbook-ey.  Well, I'm only digitally scrapbook-ey and hers was done by hand.  So, I digitized it.  Well, I made a very similar version.

Do you know what that means? 

It means the rest of you can use it by just pushing a print button!  Well, you might have to take it somewhere to have it printed, but it doesn't involve many painful hours of cutting and gluing. Although the painful part might just be me.

Now, you won't download a board that looks exactly like this AND you will have to do a small amount of cutting and gluing.  Small, though.

The download includes the board above, without the pockets and numbers.  It also includes a pocket template, numbers, and questions.

You will either print the template directly onto the colored/patterned paper of your choice or print and cut the template out to trace on that same cute colored/patterned paper.  You could make the pockets all the same color, each one different or some combination.  Also, keep in mind, unlike the example pictured above, yours will not be wholly colored/patterned unless you have double sided paper. 

The numbers also need to be cut out and glued to the front of the pockets, which you can do before or after you fold, glue and attach them to the board.

Now, the questions.  These are fully from that wonderful woman who uploaded her super idea to Sugardoodle.  Each card talks about how we can each know our Savior lives and asks a question to have the children elaborate on different subjects (from the Book of Mormon to the priesthood any many other gospel topics).

To spotlight, choose the child(ren) for the day, have them come up and roll a die.  Match the number on the die to one of the numbered pockets, then have the child answer anywhere from one to all of the questions inside (each pocket will have several).

We're planning to take notes while they answer and use them to help write this years Primary Program.

Ready to download? 

2015 I Know My Savior Lives Spotlight download


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  1. This is wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing it!


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