Monday, December 29, 2014

Primary 2015 Birthday Gift

This year our birthday gift ties into the annual theme of "I Know My Savior Lives."

It also ties in closely with our spotlight.  For their birthday, each child will receive a seed packet full of faith beans (jelly beans).  I made the seed packet we'll be using and I adjusted it just a little bit to make it general enough for anyone to use.

The front of the packet talks about how we can watch our faith grow one "bean" at a time as we "plant" the teachings of Jesus in our heart.

To recognize the children as they are spotlighted (and so we can remember who has been spotlighted, just in case someone forgets), we will be putting flowers with their pictures in the center up on one side of our bulletin board.  Their faith beans will have grown into a flower!

I haven't put any together yet, but my plan is to glue and side and bottom, let it dry, fill with jelly beans (which I'll get in bulk from a local grocery store), and then use double sided tape on the top flap.  I'll let you know how well it works after I've field tested a few.

You can download these from my google drive.  It's in pdf format and I've fit two packets to one 8.5x11 page.


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