Sunday, November 4, 2012


Yesterday, at B's baptism, M gave a fantastic talk.  In it she taught a little bit about testimony and I kept thinking about it today. 

Today's sacrament meeting (one segment of church where we meet as a congregation and have the opportunity to teach each other by speaking and singing together) was fast and testimony meeting.  It's a little different than the other weeks for two reasons.  First, many choose to come to church fasting for a particular purpose (to grow in some fashion personally or for someone in need or for anything you would like) and second, there aren't assigned speakers.  After the normal opening, anyone in the congregation who feels inspired can get up and share their testimony. 

As I was listening to the testimonies, I thought about one comment that M made yesterday.  She said that when we're younger (like B), we have simpler testimonies, but don't worry, they'll grow.  While she's right, if B chooses to read his scriptures and live the commandments his testimony will grow, but I hope it is always simple. 

Knowing with the absolute certainty of a child that Heavenly Father and Jesus love us, that Jesus died and lives again for us and that Joseph Smith truly did restore the fullness of the gospel is life changing.  One woman shared that she wished she could get up with the same ease and enthusiasm as the children.  The kids SHINE as they share their testimonies.  I hope Ben will always be that way, that his testimony will both grow and stay simple.  Simple and powerful.

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