Thursday, July 25, 2013

I Finally Did It

It took me a little more than a week to gather the courage (silly, I know), but I did it and ordered all our curriculum and supplies. 


Doesn't it look pretty?  Or chaotic.  Take your pick, but I think it looks a little dreamy.

All that fun just waiting to happen. 

I love learning.  I love hanging out with my kids and discovering new things.  Experiencing new places from the comfort of our schoolroom or couch. 

Come on, it's pretty cool.  You know it is. 

Now I just have to finish organizing (yes, that mess is partially organized already), make my lesson plans for the year (just general ones, I think...this is my first year attempting this and I really feel like I'm not exactly sure what I'm doing...or want) and get our rough draft weekly checklists ready to go.

I'm actually a little giddy.  See?  This is how I convince myself to press the finalize order button, I know it gets better. 

How do you get organized?  I would especially love to hear about lessons plans, but I'm up for anything. 

And if all else fails, remember...

Just keep swimming,

1 comment:

  1. I love your blog. I originally found it searching for sharing time ideas but now I find myself searching and pondering your information on homeschool. For the last month I've really had homeschool on my mind and tonight as I'm looking over a few of your posts my stomach is in knots. Man this could be an interesting year especially as I ve never thought about homeschool and therefore have not the slightest idea what I'd be getting myself into. Thanks for all your info!


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