Friday, August 16, 2013


I've been thinking lately about where I go to find inspiration and I've realized it's not just one place or one thing that I turn to.

1. Google

I feel so blessed to live at a time when I can "hop" on one of many different electronic devices and find answers to almost any question within only a few minutes.  It's fun to search for ideas to include in my family's day whether it's an answer to a homeschooling question, a new recipe or a fun activity to do with my kids.

2. Blog power

Sometimes I spend time perusing new blogs, reading new ideas and "meeting" new friends, but my favorite is reading a few of the same blogs every week.  It helps me to feel connected in the midst of the busyness of my life. 

3. Nature

Sometimes I just need to get out of my routine.  Take a step back, look around and remember to appreciate the beauty that's truly all around me.  For some reason, it's easier to do this when I'm outside, so I'll convince my kids we need a park day (which is never very difficult) and I'll go sit on a blanket and soak up some perspective.

4. Phone a Friend

Another way to find a new direction, to step back and view my life in a different light, is to talk with others.  More specifically, my mom and sister.  It always helps to get another view point on a hard day (or find someone who'll help you laugh about it), give advice on a problem or even just talk about someone else's day to realize the whole world doesn't revolve around my days.  I know, you're all surprised by that :), but in the bustle of everyday life it's easy to lose track.

5. Scriptures

And when everything else fails (although, hopefully I haven't waited that long) and I'm feeling blah about life in general, I know I can open up my scriptures and find peace and inspiration in God's teachings.

Where do you find inspiration?


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