Tuesday, August 6, 2013


I realized it'd been almost a month since my last garden update and I can't have that. 

If you want to see how it looked a few weeks ago (or find some links to how it started out a few months ago) click on over to my last post.

If not, well, then.  I guess I'm okay with that. 

And plus, you can check out how it looks today even faster.

The potatoes are dying back in the, well, back.  My corn has popped it's top (and we'll start getting some here pretty soon).  And my kids pumpkins are taking over the ENTIRE garden.  Seriously.

Plus, Josh's sunflower has finally opened.  Isn't it pretty?

So far we have two large pumpkins and this morning I noticed two little ones just starting off.

For the longest time we only had this one watermelon.  One lonely watermelon, but today I found another.  I think it's even a different variety (the kids planted a couple).  Hopefully, it'll keep growing until it gets nice and big like this one.

Look at this beautiful tomato!!  I have lots like this, I can hardly wait for them to turn something other than green.  You know, orange, purple, red, striped...I'm really not picky.

This is a blossom from one of our cucumber plants.  I love blossoms.  I think I may have mentioned that before.

And this is one of those cucumber plants offspring.  Isn't it awesome?  I haven't tasted it yet, although I did pick it yesterday.  It's skin is a little fuzzy and sort of reminds me of a peach.  Kind of strange, but still cool.

What's your favorite produce to plant, pick and eat?  Or does that need three different answers?

Happy Gardening,

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