Sunday, August 25, 2013

September Sharing Time - Week 1

Jesus is the perfect teacher.  We can learn so many things from studying His life.  Ask the kids, "What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the name Jesus Christ?" 

Make sure to listen to all the answers (even the ones that don't lead to the next "item of business" because they will all be good answers (well, mostly if you've got some jokesters in your primary like I do).

After hearing all the answers, either refer back to the person who mentioned service or bring it up yourself.  Jesus spent His life serving others.  He even gave His life in service.  This is such an amazing and life altering principle to learn. 

To help you talk about service and the different ways Jesus chose to serve those around him, use the pictures listed in the Sharing Time Outline.  Have the kids tell you what Jesus is doing in the picture and who he's serving.  You could even personalize it by asking one child for each picture how they would feel if they were the ones being helped by the Savior.  What if they were: the girl being brought back to life (41)?  the sick man being healed (42 and 46)?  the child being hugged (47)? or having their feet cleaned by the Savior (55)? 

I would add two additional pictures, GAB 57 and 59, illustrating Jesus greatest service, choosing to die a sinless death and His resurrection so that we can also be resurrected.

In addition to looking to Jesus life for an example of how we can serve others, we can look at His teachings.  In Matthew he tells us some ways we can serve and you can have the kids come up and act out a few of them.  The scriptures mentioned in the Sharing Time Outline have six different examples (although I'm not sure how you'd get someone to act out being in prison AND get the kids to guess they should go and visit), I've included a few more that you can use if you have extra time.  I love having at least one activity that's flexible in case I need to shorten or stretch my time a little.

Service Charades

I also love getting the kids into the scriptures (even just a little) and would take the opportunity to read Matthew 25:35-40.  As you read, you could have the kids keep track of how many acts of service are mentioned by counting on their fingers (with their hand raised in the air).  Or, you could ask them to imagine that they are talking with Heavenly Father and this is what He's saying to them  (or both). 

After you read through the first two verses, stop and ask what they might say back to Him.  Would they be surprised that Heavenly Father is thanking them for serving Him? 

Read the next two verses where the surprise is shown and then read the last verse where He explains how we can serve Him.

Talk about how when we studied about prayer last month we learned that Heavenly Father will sometimes answer prayers through us.  Or through people all around us.  That is why when we help or serve others, we are really serving God.  We are helping Him to answer prayers.  How awesome is that?!!

Last, ask them who we can give these acts of service to.  Encourage them to say anyone (literally anyone, because they should), but make them be specific also.  Who do they see everyday all around them?  Parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, bus driver, teacher, mail lady, neighbor...

You can either have them come up with their own names (which is a great idea) or you can use some pictures to help you out.  If you choose to use the pictures, don't throw them out afterwards, you can print a second copy and use them later in the month to play a matching game (weeks 3 or 4).


Every commandment has blessings attached and the commandment to serve is no exception.  When we serve we are blessed in so many different ways. 

President Thomas S. Monson said, "Without exception, those compassionate souls who feed the hungry, clothe the weary, and relieve the suffering of fellow beings exclaim, I have never felt more blessed, more rewarded, or so at peace." 

Bare your testimony of any experiences you've had with service: giving it, receiving it and the blessings associated with both. 

Have a wonderful week!


  1. Thanks for your great ideas! I am using them all today. I appreciate the time and thought you spend to make my calling easier.


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