Monday, December 16, 2013

December Sharing Time - I Have a Testimony That I Am a Child of God

I talk all the time about how I love the Sharing Time Outline and when I simplify and use it, it brings the spirit more strongly into our primary.  I believe it.  This week, though, there just isn't that much in the outline.

So, I'm going to beef it up just a little bit.  I found a fantastic family home evening from the Family Home Evening Resource Book on  It has so many wonderful ideas.  Simple ways to demonstrate and talk about how we are all children of our Heavenly Father.

To introduce the topic of being children of God, the lesson has you bring in two similar (yet different) objects to have the kids compare and contrast (their example uses a rock and an orange).  After discussing their similarities and differences, switch to people.  I would bring in some pictures of my siblings and I for everyone to compare.

Then, bring out a picture of your parents and discuss how you and your siblings each inherited some things from each parent.  Encourage the kids to see if they can find some similarities you each may have gotten from your parents.

Tell them that we are all members of two families, these pictures who one family, what's the other one?

We can learn about being a child of god (and our "other family") by listening to the song, "I Am a Child of God."  I love the idea of reading each verse (one at a time) to the kids and asking them what part is their favorite.  What stands out to them?  After reading through the verses, sing it and ask them how the song makes them feel.  Those good feelings are the Holy Ghost testifying to them that they are each children of God!!!

Is it important to KNOW that we are children of God?  What difference can it make in our lives?  To realize that we are His, always and no matter what, every single one of us, can help us to love each other (and ourselves) a little bit better.

Earlier we talked about how we inherit certain characteristics from our earthly parents, does the same hold true for our us and our Heavenly Father?

On one half of a chalk board have the children list some traits that Heavenly Father has and then on the opposite side, list traits His children (WE) can have.  We are His children and can become like Him, but it takes a lot of hard work.

President Lorenzo Snow said, "We are the offspring of God, born with the same faculties and powers as He possesses, capable of enlargement through the experience that we are now passing through in our second estate."

One way we can learn and grow is to look at our Heavenly Father's traits and try to grow them in ourselves.  Send each child home with this little card to put by their beds (or on a mirror or anywhere else they'll see it that their parents will allow) that reminds them they are children of God and can become more like Him everyday.

I made it small so it would fit well as a wallet size (easier to print a lot for a lot of primary kids), but I thought I'd include the jpg as well so you can print it larger if you'd like.

Child of God Becoming jpg
Child of God Becoming pdf (wallet size in both color and black & white)

Have a wonderful week (and a Merry Christmas!)


  1. Thank you SO SO much! I have sharing time this Sunday and I was in desperate need of some inspiration and this will work perfectly! Thanks for your hard work in putting this blog together. It is fabulous.

  2. thanks! very helpful for lesson planning this week.

  3. Thank you, Thank you!!! I was struggling with ideas on how to get the older and the younger kids involved. This is great!

  4. YES, thank you so much. I agree the outline didn't have much in it for this week. Thanks for doing all your hard work to make this come together.

  5. Thank you! I needed some last minute help, due to our president having the flu. Thank you for the time you put into preparing these lesson helps for us!!!

  6. Thank you, such a lovely outline. The children seemed really engaged this week. I brought up some of the primary children and their parents instead of using pictures, they seemed to enjoy it :-)


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