Monday, December 9, 2013

December Sharing Time - I Will Prepare to Live with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ Again

Start the lesson by asking what kinds of things we have to prepare for.  There are a ton, so make sure and give them time to think.

Just in case you're struggling to come up with very many, here are a few ideas: Christmas, school, family pictures, baptism, going to bed, Faith in God, dinner, a test/report/project...

As they give answers, have them stop and ask what kinds of things you have to do to prepare for that specific idea.  For example, to prepare for a test: we go to class, listen to our teacher, study any material we're given, get a good nights rest, eat a good breakfast...  The purpose here is to get them to realize that no matter how big the goal, we can break it down into small, manageable steps that ANYONE can do.

After going through a few of their answers, bring up the topic for today's lesson (if no one has mentioned it yet).  Last week's lesson ended with a challenge to think about different ways we can prepare for the second coming (or to meet Heavenly Father and Jesus again, whenever it happens).  Remind them of the challenge and ask what steps they've come up with.

After going through them, play the guess the song title game from the Sharing Time Outline (don't forget to check with your pianist to make sure they're willing/available to play during Sharing Time too).  After they've guessed the title, have them sing the song and stand (or raise their hand, sometimes standing can make things get a little rowdy) every time they hear a way we can prepare.  Take the time to stop after every song and go over the lessons we can learn from it.

As I mentioned earlier, I think it's really important to break down any larger goal into a simple step that can be acted on now.  The song, "Keep the Commandments," is very general, so have the kids tell you what commandment they can keep and HOW.  Like, I will keep the Sabbath day holy by writing a letter to a missionary every Sunday.  I will honor my mother and father by giving them a hug and telling them I love them everyday.

At the end of Sharing Time, send them home with some homework, a simple family home evening they can lead with their families.  I find it hard to have the kids write things during Sharing Time, it always takes more time than I think it will and it's a really big disruption, so I propose having them do the writing at home with their families.  I made a simple two page (front and back) lesson you can give to your children to really bring this weeks lesson home (hehe, pun sorta intended).

In a great talk by President Hinckley called, If Ye Are Prepared Ye Shall Not Fear, he said,

"I have faith that the Lord will bless us, and watch over us, and assist us if we walk in obedience to His light, His gospel, and His commandments.  He is our Father and our God, and we are His children, and we must be in every way deserving of His love and concern.  That we may do so is my humble prayer..."

We are deserving as we work hard to follow His teachings and prepare as we've been instructed.  What peace that principle brings into our lives!!  This is an amazing gospel and every week I feel blessed to get to share it with the children in our primary.



  1. I am having trouble getting the FHE lesson to load. Is anyone else? It goes about 3/4 of the way and just stalls out.

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