Friday, April 4, 2014


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A few weeks ago I was reading through a great talk on Agency by Elder Robert D. Hales and while I underlined a lot of different passages, one has really stuck with me.

"By our righteous choices and actions, we liberate [ourselves] from darkness by increasing [our] ability to walk in the light."

This quote changed how I think about light.

Growing up one of my very favorite songs was "Walk in the Light" and it's something I've tried to do, but I've never thought about light as something that we need the ABILITY to walk in.

For the past several years I've had migraines and one of the symptoms is light sensitivity.  During the migraine and for a day or two afterwards, I do not like the light.  It's actually painful.

So, I pull the curtains and sit in the dark (or at least as dim as I can get it and still get my daily activities done).  I, quite literally, cannot walk in the light and I wondered, is that how it is spiritually also?

When we make poor choices, does our Father's light hurt us?  Are we actually unable to walk in it without pain?

If so, then the opposite is also true.

Just as Elder Hales taught, as we make righteous choices, we don't just leave behind the darkness and free ourselves from it, we are immediately increasing in His light.  In our ability to not just withstand, but love His light.

I want to feel His light without pain, with joy and always be seeking to walk more fully in it.


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