Wednesday, April 30, 2014

May Sharing Time - God Speaks to us Through Prophets

I love this month's theme.  I also love the timing, coming just after April's General Conference.  I also, also love that some of the weeks incorporate teachings we heard last month (weeks three and four). 

It is such a comfort to know that we each have the opportunity (an argument could even be made for responsibility) to receive personal revelation.  To know that we have a prophet TODAY who has been called by God to lead us through the challenges we're facing right NOW. 

President Uchtdoft said, "Today, we have again apostles, seers, and revelators who are watchmen on the tower, messengers of supernal, healing truth.  God speaks to us through them.  They are profoundly aware of the different circumstances we members are living in."

In the same talk he also teaches us that, "It is our responsibility not only to listen but also to act upon His word."

This second quote fits in perfectly with today's Sharing Time.  We cannot just listen.  In order to grow in the gospel we have to DO.

This week I read through the lesson.  I read through some talks.  I read through the lesson.  I reviewed the talks.  And then I probably did it a few more times.

I really struggled knowing how to implement it.

I actually love the outline for senior primary.  I'm only going to make a small change, our primary is on the small side, so we'll read through all the scriptures together.  I'll have them all follow along and we'll take turns each reading one scripture to keep every one's attention.  Plus, we'll stop after each section and I'll quiz them on what we read and what it means for us to keep 'em on their toes.

But, for junior primary.  Holey moley.

If you happen to have an older junior primary, you could very easily do the same thing with them.

I do not.

Depending on the Sunday one third to one half of our junior primary are Sunbeams.  Yep.

Just this morning, I finally came up with a plan.  And then as I was looking for an image I'd seen earlier, I "stumbled" across an idea that just made the plan even better.

Don't you love it when that happens?

I found this picture on A Year of FHE on Sunday, I pinned it because, well, it's cute.  But I wasn't quite sure what, or if, I was going to use it.

Until today.

I'm going to cut this picture into six pieces.  On the back of each piece I'm going to attach a scripture(s).  Short scripture(s) that tell the story of Noah, while also teaching the lessons we'll be talking about during senior primary.

Today I found the awesome sheet from the Friend detailing how to use hand motions to tell Noah's story.  Hand motions!!  How awesome is that for junior primary?!

I did use a few of their hand motions, but I also used it as inspiration in making up my own to more closely go along with the scriptures I've chosen.  Here's a basic outline I'll be following:

1. Noah called the people to repent (cup hands around mouth)
2. The people would not listen (cover ears and shake head)
3. God commanded Noah to build the ark (I chose an ASL sign you can view here)
4. Noah listened (cup hands around ears)
5. The rains came (wiggle fingers while lowering arms)
6. God set a rainbow in the sky (form arch over head with arms)

If you'd like to use my outline, you can download it from Google Docs.  It's got an outline with everything on it for you to use, just the scriptures to put on the back of the puzzle and the picture you can cut apart.

Here's how we'll do each piece:

I'll call up a child to choose a puzzle piece and we'll put it up on the board.  If the child is older, I'll have them read the scripture I've attached to the back or if not, I'll read it.  Last, I'll show them the hand motion and we'll practice it.  With each new puzzle piece, we'll practice all the hand motions we've learned (in the correct order) so at the end we can tell the whole story accompanied by the motions.

With both primaries, after we go through the scriptures, we'll talk about what it has to do with following the prophet.

Why might it be hard to hear what the prophet says?  Why didn't the people listen?  We might not understand the reason we're being asked to do (or not do) something.  We might think that we know better (pride).  We might be upset that the prophet is telling us something we're doing or want to do is wrong (still pride). 

It takes great courage, and often a lot of prayer, to humble ourselves enough to continue to listen and follow in faith. 

Waldo P. Call said, "My dear brothers and sisters and family, can't you see what we need to do?  Be submissive - do not murmur - endure to the end.  If we will do this, the Lord will show us the way, if we will but follow his prophets and Apostles."

I think I might either end with this quote (or re-state it in my own way), while holding up the picture of President Monson I put at the top of this post.  I've used this picture a few times before because I absolutely love it.  I can feel Monson's love for me each time I look at it.  I plan to bear testimony of that and his desire to lead us where Heavenly Father wants us to be.  If we will just listen and then DO, we will be blessed.

Just as an aside, I think it's important to mention (at some point during the month) that following in faith is not the same thing as following blindly.  We learn from the scriptures that the only way we can "...know the truth of all things" is to first exercise faith, which means doing.  As we prayerfully follow the instruction of our leaders, our testimonies will grow, we will feel good and we will know that their direction is from God.  Doing WITHOUT prayerfully seeking to know is blindly following.

Have a fantastic sharing time!



  1. I always find your ideas so helpful and still spot on with the outline, which I really appreciate. Particularly this week, as I've struggled to think of how I can make this a bit more interesting and interactive for the kids ESP junior! So just a big thank you for sharing

  2. How perfect is this. We too have a small Junior Primary and I can't wait to teach on Sunday. Thank you so much!!

  3. Love this!

    (There is one typo, on #4 it should be Noah instead of Moses.)

  4. Thank you so much! The hand actions were just what I needed! :) I always appreciate your thoughtful approach to each lesson.

  5. Ah, THANK YOU! I have been struggling with this week too. We also have a very young primary and reading the scriptures as suggested in the outline just wasn't going to work! I appreciate your willingness to post this all of your blog to help those of us who are less creative out!


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