Wednesday, April 2, 2014

easter countdown

Last year I decided I wanted Easter to be more about Christ and a little less about the Easter Bunny. 

It ended up being a lot less about the Easter Bunny and I was surprised by how much it added to not just my Easter, but each one of us.

Of all the ideas I came across, read through and heard about I had two definite favorites. 

One is a one week walk with Jesus.  You spend the week up to Easter talking a little bit about the week leading up the Jesus Crucifixion every day.  We did this idea because of the two I loved, it was the only one that fit into our timetable.

The second idea is a 30 day countdown (which is why I couldn't do it last year, I found it too late) using The Living Christ.  It's really pretty awesome.  Each day has a mixture of activities, videos, or music to participate in, bringing your family closer to Jesus.

I love that both ideas give me the opportunity to talk about Jesus with my children a little more consistently.  To share with them my love of the "good news" of the gospel, that He lives!!  He suffered for all our mistakes, He chose to die and then be resurrected so that every single one of us could be also. 

Every single one!!

My favorite teachers throughout my life have always been those that love what they're teaching.  I could always feel their excitement as they shared their joy with me.  This is how I want my kids to remember about how I teach them the gospel. 

I hope each of you have a wonderful Easter!


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