Monday, January 21, 2013

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Over the past week we've been reading a book or two every day about Martin Luther King, Jr (my library had such a good selection, I couldn't choose).  My boys have been amazed that there are people in the world that would be mean to someone just because they are different.

Isn't that wonderful?  And sort of scary.  They are so loving and accepting right now, I'm not exactly sure how to keep them that way. 

Though, I do think that talking about people like Martin Luther King, Jr. and learning more about our history will be a good first step.

One of my favorite books we read is titled, I Have a Dream.  The book includes many exerpts from Dr. King's most famous speech AND beautifully painted pictures.
We're planing to listen to the speech today, but I know my younger kids (and maybe all of them) will have a hard time listening to the whole 20 minutes, so I love that they get a few bits and pieces in this book.
We also read a few books talking about what Dr. King's life was like as he grew up and why he made some of the choices he did.  His ability to stay non-violent in the face of the terrible experiences he (and those around him) had is awe inspiring.  
I would greatly recommend looking him up at the library, reading about his speech with your kids and taking a few minutes to discuss their dreams.
I found some very cute and simple paper I'm going to print out for my kids.  You can download it for free from Teachers Pay Teachers, find your own (there are TONS of great ideas out there), or have your kids design their own.
Did you do anything for Martin Luther King, Jr. day?

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