Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Book Report

A couple weeks ago I added a new line to their daily school check-off lists, Project.  We do a weekly project related to what we're studying in history every Friday, but we haven't really done anything else with any regularity.  I decided (with my new best friend, Pinterest) to change all that.

Each week we talk about books we've read and do a short story narration (depending on how old the kids are, they either narrate a few sentences to me about what they liked in the book or write it themselves and then draw a picture), but we haven't done any official book reports. 

I found a few I really liked several months ago and finally started to work on one during our project time last week. 

They got them finished yesterday and I think they turned out pretty darn good.

They each picked a book to read and then after finishing, decorated and filled a lunch sized bag describing the main character (these two are Ben and Makenna's).

The front has a picture of the main character as well as the title and author (Ben's doesn't have the author because we'd already returned the book to the library and I was to lazy to look it up on the computer while he was writing it).

The sides do two things.  One side tells either what the other characters in the story thought of your main character.  The other side tells several likes and dislikes of the character.

The back side tells either what the character learned during the story or what you learned from him/her by reading their story.

I think the most fun was the inside.  The kids put 5-10 items that would represent their character.  For example, Ben did Jack Stalwart and the water bottle represents how techie he is because in the story he uses invisible water to turn himself invisible.  And Makenna did Michael Vey and in the story they steal a van after having been captured.

Last night the kids brought their sacks upstairs after dinner and did a little presentation for my husband and I.  It was pretty entertaining. 

I'm excited to start our next project!

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