Friday, February 15, 2013

Day of Love

We actually started off our Valentines Day festivities on Wednesday when we sat down to make our Valentines for each other. 

I know, I know, I should probably have taken them to one of the many different Valentine parties that were held somewhere near my house, but I have a hard time doing new things.  They sort of scare me.  So do people I don't know.  That's normal...right?  Right?

Anyway, we were homebodies this year and I have to say, it made the Valentine making much shorter.  They had looked through my Valentine board on Pinterest a few days before picking out which Valentine they wanted to make and thankfully, almost all of them were super easy to make.

Makenna picked out a Hershey kiss ring.  They turned out super cute!  You can find super simple directions on this blog.

This is me trying to model it for you with Makenna photo bombing me (did I use that term right?).

Josh made (or cut out and then had me recut out) the suckers with either the lips or a mustache.  I just love those.  Not only are they easy to make, but they're pretty darn ADORABLE!

I found a template online (not this one, but similar) and then opened it up in photoshop so I could fill in the middle with color.  I could have just had Josh color it...but I didn't.

James made mice.  Cute little heart eared and footed mice.  They weren't quite as easy as the rest of the Valentines and we had to do part, let it dry and come back later.  They also don't work nearly as well with plain, old Elmers glue (sorry Elmer).  They need something a little stickier that dries more quickly.  If I could find my glue gun, we would have used that, instead we used a combination of craft glue and super glue (and yes, I did glue my finger to the candy kiss, but only once).

It's a good thing they turned out so great.  All my kids are huge animal lovers (although I'm still not entirely positive if rodents should count) and so these were favorites.

Ben made superhero suckers.  He made them last year, so he was a pro this year.  I did find a cute template this year to make it even easier.  All he had to do was cut and tape.

Josh is holding up the superhero and you can see a couple laying down on their napkins (this is a picture of our Valentine party from Thursday).

First thing Thursday morning we made ourselves into Lovebugs.  Okay, I didn't, but the rest of them did.  I found a super cute (and easy, my favorite) idea on Pinterest and so we cut out some contruction paper headbands, decorated them and attached our antennae. 

After lunch they cut out some sugar cookie dough I'd made earlier into hearts (my very favorite dough for cut-outs is from Our Best Bites, if you don't know about them, you should check them out, AWESOME!). 

Once they finished, I became their favorite mom in the whole world when I told them that they had the rest of the day off to eat their candy and play together.  All in all, it was a pretty darn great day!

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