Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sharing Time - March Week 1

Like I said earlier this week, I'm not teaching this month, but I have as I've read over the lesson, I've had a couple ideas.  Simple and easy things I would do to bring across our focuses this year (using the armor of God theme and ACTION to grow each and every testimony) .

First, I like how the Sharing Time Outline has you use the song "Do As I'm Doing" because it's always a top kid favorite.  They'll have so much fun singing and following each other.  I would add some props (like scriptures to read with, markers to color where they shouldn't, trash to throw on the ground, a trash bag to pick up the trash and put away...) and talk to a couple of kids about using the props to blatantly show either a good or bad example to follow. 

Then to transition to the second section we'd talk about how we should only follow the good examples, even though it's sometimes hard because we want to be friends with everyone (and want everyone to like us).  While it might be hard to know which friends example to follow, we can always be certain we're doing the right thing if we're following the example of one person.  Who?  Jesus Christ, of course.

I love including scriptures and the next section does that very well.  It might be fun to have them scripture chase to the correct scriptures (at least in senior primary, although you could do it in junior if the teachers are helping) and have them choose the correct picture (and discussing them) to go along with it as instructed. 

While I think these pictures illustrate wonderful ways we can follow our Saviors example, I also think it's important to stress more small daily acts. 

I'd first talk to the kids about how to brainstorm (giving ideas as quickly as possible without criticism or discussion) and then ask them to brainstorm about how they thought Jesus acted everyday.  Writing on a board what sort of things He did with His time and what was most important.  I'd maybe even bring in a big kitchen timer (or use the noisy, annoying one on my phone) to get them shouting out ideas more quickly with a deadline looming.

Then, we'd talk about how we can turn the chalkboard list into goals, actions we can work on during the week.  This would be my Testimony Challenge to them for the next week.  Choose one way to become more like the Savior and then DO IT!  If they come back with something they've done to follow through on the goal, I would reward them.

I'd end by sharing my testimony (while holding up the helmet of salvation we added to our armor of God guy at the beginning of primary) that our Savior is the one and only way to salvation.  He is the light and the path we need to follow throughout this life if eternal life is truly our goal.

This is an awesome month for primary.  I'm so excited to watch them learn and grow and feel their love for our Savior!

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