Friday, February 1, 2013

Heavenly Father Loves Everyone

Our primary has planned a few activities for the kids this year and our first one is coming up FAST!  We're doing it just before Valentines day (the Saturday before) and thought the theme of Heavenly Father Loves Everyone was perfect.

We've been sticking this flyer in our ward bulletin...

We're going to start out with some small games led by some of the older children.  In the Faith in Gob booklet under the section Serving Others is an achievement for helping to plan and carry out a primary activity.  While they aren't planning the whole activity, I thought allowing them to be in charge of the part of the activity (the part where everyone is showing up and this'll keep them all entertained) would be fantastic.  By the way, this particular achievement also happens to part of the cub scouts religious knot, so boys 8-10 can use it for both!

Then we'll have a few stations for the kids to move through.  I'm still not entirely sure exactly how this will look, but this is my current plan. 

Station #1: The kids will be making The Primary Loves You, Get Well Soon and We're Thinking of You cards for various members of our ward.  The talented lady in charge of this one will be having the kids put together cards she's already gotten ready.  We're having a bunch of paper donated and so after making cards for the ward (depending on time) they can also make a card or two to take home for their family/friends.

Station #2: We'll be putting together some freezer meals for some families in our ward.  We've had ingredients donated for a few different recipes and the kids will get to don some gloves and put them all into ziploc bags ready for the freezer. 

Station #3: We'll have the kids fill out this years Spotlight Questionnaire.  We like to make our questionnaires focused on the years theme for a few reasons.  First, we really do like the theme and want a big emphasis put on it.  Second, it's fun to learn new things about the kids every year.  And (my favorite) third, the spotlights become an amazing resource when it comes time to put together the Primary Program later in the year.  I talked about it more in this post.

So, my current plan will have the starter games together for around 30 minutes, split for the above described stations for 20 - 25 minutes each and then coming back together at the end to decorate heart shaped valentine cookies to take home (aka, eat while making).

The other thing I was thinking about was having the cookie decorating actually be one of the rotated through stations, but I think they'll have a hard time leaving the cookies and they'll probably be a mess and it might just be easier (on us) to have them do it just before they leave.

I'm a little nervous, but I'm pretty excited.  It'll both be fun and help the kids serve some members of our ward.  Help us to love others. 

Are their any activities planned for your primary this year?  What's the most memorable activity you've participated in (or that your kids have)?

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