Tuesday, April 9, 2013

2013 General Primary Auxiliary Training

I had the opportunity to go down to Salt Lake City last week and watch the Leadership Training live.  I wanted to share a couple of gems I brought home with me afterwards.

1. Everything we do should be centered on Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father's plan.  That's it.  No exceptions.  And the amazing this is, it's not like this is limiting in anyway, there is so much to share, teach and learn with our primaries!

2. It is our responsibility to help their testimonies grow by: baring our testimonies, helping them do so they can learn and providing opportunities to feel the Holy Ghost.

3. I need to let my calling change me.  I'm sort of controlling.  Just a little bit (okay, I'm lying) and one of the hardest things for me to say is, "Thy will be done."  Actually, it was something I was feeling really good about saying in my prayers just before I got this calling...then I stopped for a while.  :)  I'm slowly getting back to not just saying it, but meaning it. 

4. If I can bring enthusiasm and love, the Lord will do the rest.  My favorite teachers throughout my life have always been those who were (and are) excited about what they are teaching.  Those who FEEL what they are teaching.  It takes a little more work sometimes to feel this way, but it is worth it and I'll be able to touch their hearts that much more as I do it.

5. There is nothing the children cannot do.  STOP underestimating them!!  They are so amazing and so ready to learn, let them by not dumbing down the gospel principles.  I also want to get them involved in helping to invite and activate those who struggle with coming.  I'm not sure exactly how this will look (if you have any great ideas, I'd love to hear them), and I'm praying about how to best implement this idea.

6. Teach to the one.  Remember they are individuals.  Know them, look at them individually and teach each child.  I'm praying about how to do this more also and so far I've been feeling like it's being more aware of each child, loving them each and being ready to talk with them when prompted. 

7. Be intentional.  This is a great one for me, mostly because it's already one of my goals so instead of adding another item to my list, I feel reinvigorated to keep moving forward with what I'm doing.  If we don't plan how we want our primaries to run, how we want the members of it to feel and grow, great things might still happen, but not as consistently and possibly not in the direction our Heavenly Father needs them to today.  Everyone is different, see what your needs are and pray about how to fill them.  You, and your primary, will be blessed!

8. And last, "Just get started."  We watched a video about a family who were inspired to start working on family history after listening to Elder Bednar's General Conference talk from October of 2011.  The mom brought their family history consultants into their home and her son, James, at age 10, loved the idea of family history (and getting on the computer to work on it) and got started.  He inspired the rest of his family and got them all thinking of and going to the temple more often.  After the video, he and his mom were brought up for questions and after being asked how other kids who were feeling overwhelmed could begin family history, James looked around and said with a smile, "Just get started."

I love this.  I love how very simple it is.  In all of our righteous endeavors all we need to do is put one foot in front of the other.  Pray and move forward, even a small step at a time.

If you'd like to view the training, you are in luck!  They've got it online for anyone who wasn't able to attend (or if you want to watch parts of it again). 

If you've already watched (or if you attended), what were your favorite parts?  What inspired you?  I'd love to hear!

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