Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Little List

There are a few things I've been excited about, wanted to post about, but they seemed too small.  So, seeing as I love lists, I'll tell you all about them here.  All mooshed together.

1. I've eaten the my very first produce out of my garden this year.  Asparagus.  Holy yum.  I planted these a few years ago, but this is the first year I've picked any and if you've never tried fresh from your garden asparagus (or your neighbors...with their permission, of course), you should.  I'd even say it's worth the 3 year wait.

2. My sister is coming to visit me in July.  I can't wait.  I tried to convince her to stay for a month, but I'm pretty sure she's not going to.  Darn.

3. I'm not sure how to incorporate current events into our homeschool classroom.  I have a terrible reflex that "forces" me to stick my head in the sand remarkably like an ostrich when it comes to news, which I usually find depressing (the news, not the head in the sand bit).  I've been trying to overcome that urge and keep myself educated about what's going on in the world and I want to bring that into my kids lives, but I haven't figured out how yet.  Any ideas for a kindergartner, 2nd and 6th grader?

**Update 4/24/2013: I decided the only way to figure out what to do with current events would be to do some research.  I thought I'd share what I found, learned and decided (for the moment anyway) and you can find that here.

4. I'm very excited to plan out next year's curriculum, although I'm also a little nervous because I've decided that even though I'm not going with a prepackaged curriculum with a weekly, monthly and whole darn yearly overview (like Sonlight and a few other's I've been looking at), I want the overview.  So, I'm going to have to make my own.  My goal is to do it with absolutely no hyperventilating.  I can do it.

5. I wish the weather person was accurate more often.  I really wanted to go outside in the beautiful sunshine on Saturday (which was forecast up until a day or two before) and work some more in my garden, instead it drizzled off and on all day.  Darn.

6. Yesterday we went to the Natural History Museum in Salt Lake City and it was AWESOME!  There are so many fun activities for kids of all ages (Makenna and I were jumping together on a certain spot trying to make a seismometer move).  If you live in the area, they have a free day every three months (the next one's in July) and you should check it out.  Or go earlier and pay for it.  I just like free stuff. 

7. I've decided that zoo's are sort of like the freeway, there is always a section of it under construction.  Why is that?

Hope you're having a wonderful day! 

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