Wednesday, April 3, 2013

April Sharing Time - Jesus Christ Restored His Church in the Latter Days

Last month I decided to delve a little deeper into each months theme.  One of the benefits from teaching is it forces me to LEARN more than I would normally do on my own.  Even though this kind of reading or research isn't strictly necessary in primary, it is for me.  I need to feel like I'm growing (and it's even cooler when I actually am).

If you're following along with the armor of god, this month we're adding the Title of Liberty.
(Here's a link to the guy I'm talking about and here's where I talk about the year's theme)

This is one of my very favorite pieces.  I loved Sister Ann M. Dibb's talk in October's General Conference and the progression through the gospel (and with our testimonies) she spoke of.  We first learn about a gospel principle, then we practice, or live it, in our daily lives and as we live it, our love for it and the gospel as a whole grows. 

Loving and gaining a testimony of this beautiful gospel ties in beautifully with learning about how it was restored in our day.  Like last month, I also found a few talks that go along with the theme to deepen my understanding and hopefully allow me to better teach and lead the members of our primary. 

Preparations for the Restoration and the Second Coming: "My Hand Shall Be over Thee, by Elder Robert D. Hales

The Wondrous Restoration, by Elder Neal A. Maxwell

Apostasy and Restoration, by Elder Dallin H. Oaks

Now is the Time, by Elder M. Russell Ballard

I've started reading the messages, but haven't finished yet.  What I have read is pretty darn great.  I'm excited to help teach not just the kids in our primary, but the adults that are serving with us.

I also found a video, a Mormon Message, that is only a little over 2 minutes long that talks about the restoration.  Most of the kids will have seen this before (or something like it), but sometimes it's a good idea to have a break from us talking and you could ask the kids to think about how watching the video makes them feel (listening for the Holy Ghost) and then talk about it afterwards.

If you've found a great resource (talk, song, video...) you're going to use this month, I'd love to hear about it.  I'll post the ideas I love for Sharing Time starting next week after General Conference (which I'm SO EXCITED about).

Have a wonderful month!

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  1. Thank you for this post! I sat and read each of the articles on the restoration and I feel so much better about the upcoming sharing times that I will give this month. I feel a greater need to teach these precious children about Christ and His church than ever before. Thank you for opening my eyes to how much better I can become and how much good I can do as I increase my own testimony!


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