Monday, March 25, 2013


I'm still not exactly sure what we're going to do for Easter.  Well, I'm not sure exactly what crafts, if any, we're going to be working on. 

We are off school this week (taking Spring Break with the kids in our neighborhood) and the kids are much more interested in playing that in making anything. 

I did find a few ideas I really love.  Love, love. 

I reviewed my Easter pinterest board last week and found that I'd let myself down a little bit.  I wasn't really excited about much of any of it.  Don't get me wrong, there's some pretty darn cute stuff, but not much that fit my quick and easy craft sensibilities.

Yesterday while looking for some other things, I stumbled across 3 posts I just loved.  A lot (did I mention that already?).

The first is full of crafts and activities that have a religious note.  Fun things that focus on Christ, how cool is that?!  The post is titled, 30 Christ Centered Easter Traditions and Crafts.  It's got a paper plate tomb, a carnation experiment, great kids Easter books, jelly bean symbolism and a whole lot more.  I'm still not certain which ones we'll do, but I think I'll choose ones that go along with the next cool idea I found.

Which is on the same blog coincidentally.  This might be my new favorite blog.  Or, at least, I'm adding it to my favorites list...the one I have in my head...I should probably write it down one of these days.

The one thing that I KNOW we're doing for sure is Walking the Kids Through Holy Week.  I did miss the first day, but we'll combine or leave out some stuff to make it all work.  The walk starts the Sunday before Easter and continues through Easter Sunday.  There is a small lesson, activity and picture to put on your wall (I use some reusable adhesive putty whenever I want to stick something to my wall temporarily).  I love the artwork she chose and how simple it is to go through the whole Crucifixion/Resurrection story when it's split over a week. 

The third idea I really like I can't do this year because it's a 30 day countdown.  The countdown is based on The Living Christ (here's a cool YouTube video of it) and each day focuses on a different section or sentence of it.  I've toyed with the idea of memorizing The Living Christ for a few years and I think focusing on it as a family for a month would be AWESOME!  Yes, I feel that strongly about it. 

You can find the idea in all its awesome-ness on a great blog called Chocolate on my Cranium.  She has pictures, activities and videos for each day.  It might sound overwhelming, but you can do as little as you want, taking only a few minutes.  And then in exchange for those few minutes you get to talk with your family about Christ every day for a MONTH!  Man, I wish I'd seen this earlier, but I'm very excited to use this resource next year.  In fact, I think I'm going to go and put it in my phone (you know, my other, more reliable brain) right now so I remember next year.

What are your favorite traditions for Easter? 

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