Friday, October 19, 2012

Adventure Town

I do not live in Adventure Town.  At least not usually.  Most of the time, we all reside much closer to Crazy Town.  And sometimes (don't tell) I'm pretty sure I'm smack dab in the middle.  Okay, you can tell, anyone who knows me already knows the truth anyway.

Even though my life is anything but adventurous, I am in the midst of a homeschooling adventure right now.  Homeschooling.  I often look back and am amazed, astounded really, at how I ended up here.  Homeschooling 3 of my 4 kids (my youngest is 3 and too young to be technically called home schooled). 

What I find even crazier (yes, there are crazier things than me), is that I LOVE it!!  A lot.  I am a natural stresser, gifted even.  I want everything to be perfect all the time.  I worry about doing the right thing and knowing where my life needs to be heading (one of the biggest reasons I wanted to overhaul the blog and start writing again), but when it comes to school, I feel peace.  Which is nuts, but in a fantastic way.

Okay, the point of my post today was supposed to be my favorite thing from school this week.  Yes, I got off topic.  Yes, I do that a lot.  Sorry.  I'm slightly tangential (and I make up words or change their meanings at random). 

My favorite thing is?  Video logs.  They are so darn funny.  My kids LOVE them.  They look forward to them all week.  On Friday, they each sit down and think about things they've learned, done and loved from the week. Then they record themselves talking and singing (and sometimes staring off into space) about it. 

I laugh and laugh and sometimes have to cover my eyes (extreme silliness that borders on embarrassing is hard for me to watch) and I think to myself..."I'm going to have some really great blackmail material someday."  Oh wait, I mean, "I'm going to have an amazing record of my kids growing up to look back on."  Huh, it can be both, can't it?

Yes, yes it can.

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