Monday, October 29, 2012


This week I have lots going on, so I thought I'd make a list.  I like lists, they are my friends.

1. Take M to the eye doctor.  Her eyes have gotten worse.  I'm pretty sure this will be an annual thing, but I can always hope that they've gotten as bad as they're going to get...right?  Right.  Bonus, she'll get to pick out some cute new specs.  If only my kids would always pick the ones I think are cutest, oh well.

2. Clean my house.  I always try and keep thing picked up, but I'm not a great cleaner.  My parents are coming into town and once, when my mom was here I mentioned that I really didn't like to dust and she said, "Yeah, I could tell."  Shoot.  So, now I clean my house before they come.

3. Finish a weeks worth of school in 3 days...darn, 2 1/2 days because we're knocking off early on Wednesday for a multitude of Halloween activities.

4. Figure out what Halloween activities we're going to do on Wednesday and make sure I have everything I need.

5.  Finish planning B's baptism (the reason for my parents visit) that's happening this Saturday.  The baptism itself is planned, I just need to figure out what - if anything - we're doing afterwards.

6. Decide what to cook while everyone is in town and what activities to do to keep my parents entertained while they're here.  Well, mostly my dad.  He has trouble sitting still (not something he passed on to me) but he does love playing with his grand, maybe I'll send them all outside and mom and I can relax!  Or, more likely, go grocery shopping once I figure out what we're eating. 

7. Find my brain and convince it to stick around a little more consistently.

Happy Monday!

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