Saturday, October 13, 2012


A long time ago I read a book by Dave Ramsey where he talked about money, and how if you do not tell it where to go, it just goes.  That is applicable to so much more in life than money.  Heck, it's applicable to LIFE!  I try very hard to tell my life where to go.  Or at least to be purposeful in it's general direction.  Even though I've found that my life will often (aka: all the time) take me on crazy paths that I had never even considered.  The amazing part is that those crazy paths actually get me to where I want to go even better than the ones I had planned on taking.  And I'm pretty sure that I wouldn't find the better routes if I wasn't already trying to purposefully move forward. 

For example, I recently read an article by Elder Neil L. Andersen, who is currently an apostle in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, titled, "Teaching Our Children to Love the Prophets."  The article is from a magazine published by the church called the Ensign.  I am in my second year homeschooling my kids (another unexpected path) and I'm always praying that I can teach them what they need to know.  I'm usually thinking about normal school type subjects and responsibility and how to turn them into the amazing adults that I KNOW are in there (somewhere).  Then, I found and read Elder Andersen's article and I instantly knew that this is something we need(ed). 

I was headed in one direction and found myself being pulled another and what do you know?  It's exactly where I REALLY wanted to be!  I came across the article just before General Conference and it was amazing to watch my kids (even the little ones) get excited when they saw the prophets and apostles they RECOGNIZED getting up to speak.  I am so thankful for the direction I get in my life and for the direction that my life is headed.  I am thankful for the plans that I get to make and even for the course corrections that consistently come my way.

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