Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Yesterday I sat down multiple times on Zaner Bloser's website trying to decide which handwriting book to get for my boys.  I know, it's seems like it should be straightforward (and it probably is) but that doesn't change the fact that I had the hardest time deciding which book to order. 

Should J start with the Kindergarten book?  He is in Kindergarten after all, but he's way past practicing writing his letters.  Would the 1st grade book be too advanced?  It would mean I would have spend more time with him on it and that in itself might be a good thing.  But there are times when I just want to give him a book and have him take care of it himself. 

Should B do the level 2c book to start cursive?  It looks like it might be more his level from the sample pages, but it's also VERY similair to the book he's just finishing (2m), the only difference being it's introducing cursive writing (I know, some of you might think that cursive is pointless, I'm not one of those people).  Or should I move him up to the 3rd grade book?  He's in 2nd grade so does that mean it would be too advanced for him?  I'm all for pushing my kids, but not to the point where they buckle and run away screaming (melodramatic much?).

I went back and forth too many times.  Enough times that if I told my husband he would have either laughed at me or rolled his eyes (and probably both).  I even had samples for each book up on my computer screens at the same time so I could simultaneously scroll through them.  Which, in hindsight, didn't make much sense since they aren't the same books and the sample pages weren't even the same page numbers for each book.

Finally, I just made a choice.  Darn it.  I even clicked the complete order button and everything.  I ended up with the more advanced books for them both.  I figure if they are too advanced, I can stick them on the shelves and use them later.  You know, after I buy the books I decided not to buy yesterday.

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