Tuesday, March 12, 2013

To Do List

I'm remembering better now why I revolt sometimes against my lists.  It really doesn't ever end, I think they grow exponentially as I cross things off.

Have you ever seen (or read about) Hercules?  Do you remember that multiple headed dragon he fought?  I think it was called a hydra, but I can't remember for sure.  What I do remember is that every time Hercules cut off one of the heads, two grew back in its place.

Sound familiar?  I think he ended up using fire?  Or maybe burying it in some sort of rock avalanche.  Either of those would work for getting rid of my list, but not so much with the tasks attached to it. 

Darn.  Well, at least I'm laughing now (at myself and the though of burning my list...hehe).

Okay, without any further complaining (or comparing myself to Hercules), here's my list today.

1.  Look up Journal Writing Prompts
2.  Find quotes emphasizing importance of Scripture Memorization
3.  Organize information for Poetry Curriculum post
4.  Family History picture wall
5.  Temple picture wall
6.  Make lists from Parenting Breakthrough
7.  Review/finalize packets for General Conference (primary)
8.  Prescription Pickup
9.  Baseball Sign up
10.Call Soccer Coaches
12.Print primary Monthly Theme sheets for rest of year
13.Reserve church for June Primary Activity
14.Review Primary Sub List

If you'll notice, a few of those are the same as the last time I posted my To Do list.  Yep.  That's just sort of how it goes sometimes.  Okay, all the time.  When I'm busy, the things that are less time sensitive often get shoved onto the back burner and, every once in a while, get lost back there. 

I figure if I keep sticking them on my list, eventually, I'll get to them.  If they're important enough. 

How do you keep track of your daily (and not so daily) tasks?

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