Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Primary General Conference Packets

Keeping with my "keep it simple" theme, I try to keep our handouts and packets for conference minimal.  Last fall we gave them a two page (front and back) packet from sugardoodle and I wanted to do something similar, yet different for spring.

I couldn't find exactly what I wanted and so I made my own.  Well, sort of.  Made as in, put together from other packets I've saved over the years.  Not made as in I came up with the pages (although I did adjust a few of them that didn't do exactly what I wanted them to, yay for Photoshop!).  All of the pages are from Sugardoodle, from different packets over the last 3 or 4 years.

If you'd like to check out my ideas for your primary (or your kids/grandkids/neighbors...), click the link(s) below.

Junior Primary
Senior Primary


  1. I think I saw these too late ,but if you see these on time and can send me that for tomorrow I will appreciated thanks my email is gabsag0714@gmail.com

  2. Will you please send me the packets? Tamra


    Thanks so much!

  3. can you email me the packets at bkbhawkins@aznex.net

    Thanks so much

  4. If you have time tonight, could you please email me srbandon@hotmail.com

  5. can you send me the packets, haileyledford@gmail.com. Thanks!

  6. Hi! If you have a chance, can you email me your General Conference packet? I like to piece together various packets too. Thanks! rebeccaholmstrom@gmail.com

  7. I'd love a packet Sarahanchett@gmail.com

  8. I'd love a conference packet if you see this. Thanks! My email is Jessica.driggs.nelson@gmail.com

  9. i would love to have a general conference packet! :)


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