Friday, March 22, 2013

Primary Teacher Thank You

I think it's very important to make sure our teachers know they are appreciated.  Heck, not just the teachers, but everyone who works hard for the children in our ward. 

I also try to check with the different members of the primary board to see if they need anything.  They rarely do, so the checking turns into more of a way to let them know we (the presidency) are always here for them. 

We love them, appreciate them, and will support them in any way they need.  And I think that needs to be recognized with more than just words sometimes.

I looked around on the Internet (and Pinterest) and didn't find exactly what I was looking for, but I did get inspired to make one of my own that says, "You are egg-cellent" on top with "Thank you for all you do" below on a cute background. 

I printed it out 3"x 3" and attached it to a candy egg (I bought some of the Reece's, Butterfinger's, and Coconut Creme eggs) with some rafia to cute it up a little (plus I have a TON of it) and we took them around to some of the teachers last night.  We'll hand out the rest on Sunday at church.

I'd be happy to send my thank you to anyone who'd like to use it!  What do you do to keep the lines of communication open (or has been done for you) that's worked well in your primary?


  1. love this.. I'd love to get it if you don't mind

  2. I would also love if you would share it with me!

  3. I would love this! Thanks for sharing, it is perfect for easter.



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