Thursday, March 7, 2013

March Celebrations

Okay, the title might be just a little bit misleading.  Not totally, but a little. 

A week or two ago I read a blog post on The Homeschool Classroom talking about all the days declared holidays or days of recognition in the month of March.  I was flabbergasted.  I still am.  Is it like this every month?! 

After reading through it, I decided to choose some we can talk about and do projects on this month.  The only two we were already planning on was St. Patrick's Day and Easter and I'll post about those later this month (if I did it here, this post would be crazy long...even for me).

March 3rd was National Anthem day.  Today we read through the anthem and talked about how it started as a poem.  After reading it, I went back through and asked them what some of the words and phrases meant trying to help them paint a picture of what was happening when it was written.  Then we listed to Whitney Houston's version of it on YouTube.  Short, sweet and fun.

Today (March 6th) was the start of Purim and so we watched the short video (my oldest thought it was strange, but the boys all loved it) linked to on The Homeschool Classroom.

Tomorrow we're going to celebrate the fact that it is both National Noodle Month (who comes up with these?) and National Craft Month by making noodle monsters.  They're so darn adorable!!  I'm excited to see what my kids come up with, they always surprise (and sometimes confuse) me with their creativity (check out Ben's groundhog to see what I mean).

Next week we'll start our preparations for St. Patricks day, but on Thursday (March 14th) we'll take a break while we celebrate Potato Chip Day.  How absolutely cool is that?  A day celebrating yummy potato chips.  Mmmm, if I hadn't just finished breakfast, I'd be salivating.  We'll watch a video showing us how potato chips are made and then we'll make our own.  I've never made any, so we'll be trying out a new recipe, if you have a favorite, I'd love to hear about it!

March 18th is Rubber Band Day (and I go back to my earlier question, who comes up with these?!) and we're going to watch another short you tube video, this time about how rubber bands are made.
Then we're going to make one or more rubber band instruments, depending on what scraps I have around the house (you can use old Kleenex boxes, Ziploc boxes or plastic container...).  It's going to be so much fun.  My kids are going to LOVE it.
March 19th is Bubble day and we're going to try our hand at making our own bubble solution.  Maybe even a few different ones that we dye different colors with food coloring.  Do you have a favorite recipe?
In addition to March being Noodle and Craft month, it's also Nutrition Month.  So Wednesday or Friday next week we're going to talk a little bit about nutrition and color a few pages talking about the food plate (whatever happened to the food pyramid by the way?).
Did you know there's a World Poetry Day?  I wonder who decided to call it that and if it is, in fact, celebrated around the world.  I should look that up before the 21st, or even better, have my daughter do it.  Makenna will get some great researching experience and can then present her "findings" to the rest of us (and she really loves to teach her brothers).  We've been reading poetry in the mornings for the last month or two and have really been enjoying it.  For World Poetry Day, I think we'll have our very first reading jam session.  I'll have the kids pick out their favorite poems and read them to us.  We'll also write a poem or two of our own, The Homeschool Classroom linked to a fun acrostic poem worksheet even my kindergartner could do.
We'll spend the last week of March working on Easter.  Decorating the house and doing craft projects and talking about our Savior.
I'm pretty excited about using holidays, recognition days, awareness days (or whatever they're called) to lead some extra learning in our home.  Are there any strange or different holidays you celebrate? 
Have a creative March!!

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