Thursday, May 16, 2013

Garden Beginnings

I've kept a garden for the last several years with varying degrees of luck.  My very favorites to plant are potatoes, corn (which I haven't planted yet...I'm slacking), and tomatoes.  Yum. 

I thought it'd be fun to take pictures of my garden over the next few months to sort of track it's progress.  It's always amazing to me how the barren garden can spring to life so very quickly.

This first picture show the kids area.  The garden always ends up with a slightly different configuration each year and after thinking about getting my kids more involved, I'm finally doing it this year. 

Each of the kids gets their own 4' x 4' area to plant whatever they want (out of the seeds I already have floating around).  They've been working on weeding it over the last week or so and James finally got his planted today (his is the just watered, darker square).  Josh and Makenna still have a little more weeding to do.

I finally planted lettuce, swiss chard and some spinach today (I'm late with these, too) and can't wait to see them poking up out of the ground!!

Here's my potato bed, already going to town.  I just finished weeding it today, doesn't it look nice?  I can hardly wait to pull our first potatoes out, you wouldn't believe how white the flesh is when you cut them open, amazing (plus, they taste pretty good, too)!

And the garden as a whole.  Well, almost, you can't see my trellis on the right hand side where my peas are languishing because I haven't put up any netting yet.  I should probably do that soon.

Happy gardening!!! 

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