Saturday, May 25, 2013

Report Style Book Report

For Makenna's last book report, I decided she should do a more report style book report as opposed to the projects we have been doing throughout the year. 

As I mentioned earlier, she wasn't too thrilled with me for a while, but by the end she told me it was actually kind of fun.  Yep.  She did.  Honest.

I found and saved the instructions months ago and I'm not sure where I got them (so I can't give correct credit), but the outline is fairly general.

For this book report, you will end up with at least 6 paragraphs when you're finished.  Makenna liked how easy the report ended up being because I only had her work on one paragraph everyday, which only took her a few minutes. 

1. Introduction: Introduce your reader to the book.  Including what was interesting about it, the main characters, the title, and author.

2. Setting: Describe where the story takes place and when.  The when can be a little harder if your story is complete fantasy, like Makenna's, but you can still do it if you talk about time in relation to what happens in the story.  For example, if you were reading The Lord of the Rings (which she didn't), you could say it happened during the age of man.

3. Main Character(s): Makenna chose to talk about the two main characters, each with their own paragraphs.  You could talk about one character, a group of characters and split it into as many (or few) paragraphs as you choose.

4. Plot: What's the main problem of the story?  What are the characters trying to accomplish throughout the story?

5. Resolution: How do they solve their problem?  This is basically the ending describing how the characters (and the author) wrap the story up in a neat little package...or do they?

6. Conclusion: This section is your review of the book.  What did you like or dislike?  Is there a moral to the story?  Do you think the author did a good job of teaching it?  Would you recommend it and to who?

In addition to one paragraph a day, she added an extra day to print out and edit her report.  Then one last day to make her title page with some pictures/artwork she'd found showing her favorite characters. 

It turned out pretty good and as you can see, she's very proud of it!

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