Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Is school over yet?

I love my kids and I love the opportunity to spend every day with them.  We learn so much together, not to mention the fun we get to have.  But lately, there are also those days where I sort of just want to send them outside and lock the door behind them (just to be clear, want does not equal action in this case). 

Does that happen to anyone else? 

We are blessed to live in a close neighborhood with many children, my kids can literally walk next door or just across the street to play with friends and because of that, we have chosen to keep our school schedule aligned with our local public school district.

What does that mean?

Our school is out for the summer in a week and a half.  I can't wait.  They can't wait.  We really can't wait. 

As I look back over the year, it has been a resounding success.  Adding two more kids to our school year (moving from one to three) was a little rocky, especially with my sixth grader who'd never been home before, but it worked out and has been so (honestly?) wonderful.  I'm looking forward to new adventures next year.  New things to learn, new curriculum to try and more time to be together.

But in the mean time?  I want to go to the park and pretend that school doesn't exist.  Never happened.  School?  What's school?  And I have to keep telling myself it's only a week and a half, I can finish.  I really can. 


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