Wednesday, May 29, 2013

June Sharing Time - I Will Follow Heavenly Father's Plan by Being Baptized and Confirmed

This month's topic follows the path of baptism. 

We'll first learn about why and how we're baptized, focusing on the covenants we get to make.  I love covenants.  The blessings associated with them more than make up for any perceived inconvenience in following the guidance given to us by our loving Heavenly Father.  Only perceived, because in reality, that guidance leads us to true happiness, joy and peace.  Peace in the midst of any storm life can throw at us.

Next, we get to talk about receiving the Holy Ghost.  This is one of the most amazing and important gifts that anyone CAN receive.  Can, because we do not always choose to have Him with us.  Can, because He is always there, waiting for us to ask and seek.  Like I said, amazing.

Then comes the opportunity to partake of the sacrament and renew our covenants.  To re-promise to take Christ's name upon us.  To be His again. 

Last, we'll talk about repentance.  Up until the age of 8, our beautiful children haven't sinned.  They can't.  They're perfect in their innocence (yes, I promise, they might not always seem so very innocent, but they are).  They need to quickly learn about another of the wonderful gifts we've received from the sacrifice of our Savior, repentance. 

I've been amazed at how excited I get about the opportunity to teach these truths (and watch them taught) to the children in our primary.  The more I study and learn the more I want to jump up and down while hugging each of them to share and show these feelings with them (I'm not sure how that would look, but you get the idea).

Here are a few talks I've found that look really great.  I'm excited to dive into them and get inspired!

The Covenant of Baptism, by Elder Robert D. Hales

Receive the Holy Ghost, by Elder David A. Bednar

Blessings of the Sacrament, by Elder Don R. Clarke

Born Again, by Elder James E. Faust

This month, we're adding the Shield of Faith to our Armor of God guy.  Everything we do, every principle we teach requires faith to bring us from knowledge to action. 

I found another talk that teaches about this principle (it's got a pretty great title, too).

The Shield of Faith, by Elder Boyd K. Packer

Have a wonderful month and remember, it is the Holy Ghost that will truly touch and teach your kids, He is who you NEED!

PS. I've posted a few ideas for the June's first week of Sharing Time here, I'll post ideas for following weeks the Monday before each Sharing Time.

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