Monday, June 9, 2014

Family Vacation

I've mentioned before that I'm a planner (only every other week or so) and that applies to vacations as well.  Right now, I'm elbow deep in planning our summer vacation.  In fact, the only way I could convince myself to write a post today, was to write about the vacation.

Now, I'm not crazy (although the term is definitely subjective), but I do like to know what our options are, what we are likely to be able to fit in and in what order those options might best work. 

I firmly believe that a plan allows us a better opportunity to be flexible.  Once I know what we CAN do, I feel more comfortable, even when changes inevitably happen.

One of my very favorite things to do is get on tripadvisor and read through the forums for tips, advice and lots of trip itineraries.  I copy and paste adventures that sound interesting and then sit down with a map (like that giant one I just printed out) and figure out exactly what I might be able to fit in.

If you haven't been on tripadvisor before, it's very simple.  First, type in your destination in one of the boxes asking for a city name.  Then, along the top will be a green bar with different menus, hover your mouse above the one that says more, almost all the way to the right.  Move your mouse down and click on Travel Forum.  Before asking a question, I'd advise scrolling through, there will be thousands of threads and someone has probably already asked what you're wondering. 

Even though I often want to do as much as possible, I know that if I allow time to relax, play and just be together doing anything (or nothing), we come home happier and at least a little less in need of a vacation from our vacation.

This will be our first time camping as a family in 3 years....mostly because my husband said he wouldn't camp with me again until we no longer had kids in diapers or in need of daily naps.  I might have had a hard time with our routine being disrupted.  Maybe.  But, this time is going to go great!  I'm determined.

I've found lots of neat ideas online, tips and tricks for camping that I'll post about later.  I'm sure I'll also have a few (or more) funny stories to tell you, we'll be camping with 4 adults and 10 kids.  Yes, I did type the number 10 on purpose, it wasn't a slip of the finger.

Wish us luck.


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