Tuesday, June 3, 2014

June Sharing Time - Temples Make it Possible for Families to be Together Forever

This week's lesson from the Sharing Time Outline is pretty short, so I decided to add a little game of memory to go along with it.

First, have displayed a picture of the temple nearest you (for us it's the Ogden Temple pictured above, which is almost ready to have live pictures taken!!) and then sing the song "I Love to See the Temple."

I don't know about you, but our primary LOVES this song.  Just before they sing it, ask them to listen specifically for reasons we attend the temple.

Then play the memory game I've put together using pictures of temples from lds dot org.  I picked mostly random temples, but you could get online to add or change out any you'd like.  After saving them, print them quarter sheet size (3.5" x 5") to match the ones I've already done.

Now, because I always like a good twist, I've added a little bit to this memory game.  After they get a correct match, they get to read a slip of paper.  You could either attach the paper to one half of each temple match or stick it in some sort of basket at the front of the room. 

Half of the slips talk about why we go to the temple (taken directly from the song sung at the beginning of the lesson) and the other half ask one of two questions.  If they get one of the second half, they'll either list one way they can prepare to attend the temple or tell one way the temple blesses their family.

You can right click and save as the pictures above, or if you'd like a little higher resolution, you can also go to google docs and download it there.

If you read the side bar in the Sharing Time Outline booklet, you'll notice that it's asking us to focus on sending the lessons topics home with the children.  The suggestion this week is to send them home with a temple coloring sheet where they can draw their families near the temple (you can find their line drawing here, just scroll down until you get to the June pictures and you'll see it). 

I think it would be great if you could find a line drawing of your own temple (that closest one you're displaying in the primary room) if you can find one (try googling and see what comes up).

Don't forget to end with your testimony of temples.  They are an amazing blessing in our lives!!



  1. I love the matching game. Thank you so much!!!

  2. Thank you this is so great!! I have been thinking all week what I can do to supplement the lesson since it is so short and this is just what I need for tomorrow!! :)


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