Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Garden Beginnings...Again

I was a little late getting my garden going this year.
I'm not sure exactly why I was dragging my feet, but I was.
Quite a lot, actually.  In fact, I'm still not done planting.
I do have my favorite things planted, though.  The potatoes are long the fence, the corn is on the right and there are tomatoes growing down one of the middle beds. 
I still want to plant some bush beans and my kids need to plant a few more things, but I've scaled way back this year.

I've also been working a lot trying to get the rest of my yard in shape.

Like this bed!

Now, you might look at it and say, ummm, it's an empty bed, and other than the asparagus on the end hanging out next to some rhubarb, you'd be right. 

But it's also empty of weeds and soon it'll be covered in ground cloth and mulch.

And when you compare it to this bed, it looks pretty darn great...doesn't it?

I'm starting on this one next week.  Then, I'll only have one bed left until we'll be ready to re-mulch.  


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