Monday, June 2, 2014

It Was a Fort Time

We had our best first week of summer break ever last week.


It involved this fort.  And hanging out in it.  A lot.

I decided we would do only the most minimal amount of chores possible (you know, just enough to keep me from going totally bonkers) and play the rest of the time.  All day.

Saying the kids loved it would be a pretty large understatement.

I did too.  It was sort of a decompression.

It led to me looking forward to new chore charts and a little more scheduled life and while I'm sure my kids could have gone on hunkering down in the fort a little longer (or a lot), they didn't complain when I dismantled it this morning.

We're definitely adding it to our list of family traditions.  Do you have any end of the school year/start of summer traditions?

Happy summer,

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