Friday, June 13, 2014

Pedometers are AWESOME!

Okay, somewhere in the neighborhood of 5 years ago, I really wanted a pedometer.  My husband, being the wonderful husband he is, went out and bought me one. 
I looked at it with glee, took off the strip protecting the battery from being drained, and then stuck it on my dresser.
Not too long later it ended up inside my dresser.
And that brings us to last week.  I know, terrible, right? 
The battery was drained and I'd never even used it!
Last week, while making plans for this summer, we decided it would be fun to take it hiking with us, see how many steps all those trails really are.  I just had to go get a new battery (darn).
This week, I put in the batter and figured out how to use it (really not hard) and then, the most important step, I put it on.

Want to know what I discovered?  PEDOMETERS ARE AWESOME!   

I check it over and over.  How many steps have I gone this morning?  How many steps does it really take to walk all through the grocery store buying enough food for my family for the next two week?  How many steps to the park?  Out to my garden?  And anything else you can think of. 

It might be getting a little silly.  But I'm okay with that.

This is what I see when I pull it up to check.

No, that's not 8,000, it's upside down.  That means at the time this picture was taken, I'd walked 5, 118 steps.

It's quickly becoming addictive.  Very.  I'm taking it hiking tomorrow.


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